The downwards spiral. ( one direction fanfiction)

Mia is a good girl and loves her life. When her parents die the day after she is raped he loses everything and she changes but for good or bad? Where will she live now? And who will be her new family?
Just give my story a chance please I can not right blurbs. sorry.
This is not a love story.

Mia is going to be played by emma blackery.


3. The first cut.

When we got to the Orphanage it was massive.
I followed her up 4 flights of stairs to a room with 3 other girls in it. My stuff was already near a bed in the far left corner.
"Girls this is our new room mate." Jess said looking at me.
 they all said "Hi" at the same time.
We all stood there in silence for a bit until Jess told me to introduce myself then she walked out and closed the door.
"Hi" I said as I walked to my bed.
 A girl about my height with blonde hair walked up to me.
"Hi I am Elle."
"I am Gemma" A girl with light brown hair said from her bed not even looking up
"And I am Megan." A girl with black hair said standing up. She was really short about just 5foot maybe less.

"I am Angel." I said sat on my bed.
"Is that your real name?" Megan said.
"No." I said going through my bag to find my phone charger.
"Then what is your real name?" Elle said giving me a death stare.
"And why do you call yourself Angel?" Gemma said confused.
"Well my name is Mia and Angel is what everyone calls me" I said plugging my phone charger into the wall and charging my phone. 
"Why didn't you just tell us your real name to start with then?" Elle said walking over to my bed.
" Force of habit and I like the name Angel better. ok?" I said doing my bag up then kicking it under the bed.
"whatever!" Elle said walking back to her bed.
I was gonna reply but then I heard my phone go off. Jersey was bbming me. (and for those who don't know bbm is blackberry messenger) 
J= Jersey

J " what the hell were you thinking vodka and pills."
A " It was not my fault I have had enough."
J "Still don't ever do that again."
A "Fine I wont. Anyways Might not come to school tomorrow."
J "why??"
A " because I am at an orphanage"
J " Omg you are like orphan Annie"
A " not quite."
J " anyways is it nice there or not."
A " not really I haven to share a room with 3 people"
J " And??"
A " they are bitches."
J " oh"
A " Anyways byee sorry need a fag." 
J " byee. love ya"

I put my phone on the side and grabbed the fags and lighter out my bag and hid them in my pocket. I walked over to the bathroom and locked the door. once I had done opened a window and walked out over to my bed.

After a while I had to go down to get dinner. I sat next some really nice girls and we were talking about why we were here and what happened to us. I still didn't mention the rape.

We finished dinner and ran up to my room, looked through my back and threw on some shorts and vest.

I thought about how that man had raped me and how my parents died and how I would never see my sisters and brother again. Everyone I was getting close to was leave me. I started crying. I thought of ways to make me feel better. I went through my school bag, using my phone as a torch. I finally found what I was looking for. I went to the bathroom and unscrewed the screw the blade fell from the metal pencil sharp and hit the floor I picked it up and put the other stuff on the side of the sink. I had the cold metal blade in my right hand and I put it on my left wrist and pushed down and slide it across my skin. I watched as the blood dripped from the cut. I made a new cut for each person I lost. My mum, my dad, Lucy, Anna and Tom. That was five cuts on my wrist I cleaned up the blood that was on the floor and on my wrist I grabbed the pieces of the sharpener and walked out of the bathroom. I put all the pieces of the sharpener in my wash bag. I also grabbed a big hoodie and  slid it on to cover my cuts. I then cried myself asleep again.

*The next day*

I woke up at 7am. I pulled myself out of bed and grabbed some clothes and changed in the bathroom. I saw I had tear stains down my cheeks again, so I washed my face and done my make-up then changed into the clothes I had on the side. I also made sure I had enough bracelets to cover up my cuts. I was wearing a dark peach top that had 'yolo' in black bold writing, dark blue high waist  shorts, low white converse.

"Morning Mia" Elle said putting a necklace on.
" Morning, don't call me that" I said getting pissed off with her.
"But it is your name." She replied quickly.
"why don't you unpack your stuff Angel." Gemma said looking at my bag under my bed.
" Because I don't plan on being here long." I replied facing away from everyone. I snatched my white headphones off my bedside table and put them around my neck and plugged them into my phone.
"But Elle said that and she has been here for 7 years."Megan said.
" Shut up Megan." Elle shouted.
" How wonderful. Anyways I am going for breakfast. anyone coming. And I weren't talking about getting adopted, I am gonna run away soon. " I said walking out. With the other following me. I jumped down all of the stairs. I had to talk to my social worker about my sisters. I saw Jess, my social worker, down the hall so I ran to her.
"Jess" I shouted at her
"Yes Mi... Angel" She said turning around.
"where are my sisters??" I said trying to catch my breath.
"Umm They are in a different place."
" I need to see them now." I was worried they had never been apart from there family like this.
" You can't Angel you need to eat breakfast." 
" NO I don't. I NEED to see my sisters." I said almost shouting.
" Angel please calm down."
" NO. I  need to see my sisters just tell where they fucking are." I was getting pissed off now.
" I can't do that Angel"
" WHAT THE FUCK I CAN'T EVEN SEE MY SISTERS. THAT IS BULLSHIT." I shouted drawing a bit of a crowd.
" Angel please calm down and lower your voice. you need to eat breakfast." I stormed off back to my room. I refuse to do anything all day and I only left to have a fag. I got so upset at dinner when everyone was gone to eat I grabbed my blade and cut myself twice more for my sisters. I needed to see them. I cleaned up my blood aid the blade again. I then decided to sleep. 

*1 week later, the whole week was normal, just the same small fights with Elle*

I jumped in the shower at 8am. We were told we had to dress nice and that some people were coming to adopt a girl.  I washed my hair and body. I ran my fingers over all 38 cuts on my wrist. I had already been denied twice. I don't know why I tried so hard but I did. I guess I knew I would never really be able to run away, I knew people would catch me before I got far.

I jumped out the shower and let Megan hop in. I put on  a dress which was pink till my waist then it was black till about mid thigh, It was a shortish dress. I also slid on some peach high heels that had black netting on. I done my eye shadow black and flicked my eyeliner and some bracelets to cover up my cuts. I mean who would want a girl that self harms.

I walked down stairs trying not to fall in my high heels. When I was down there I saw 5 guys. I knew them they were one direction. But I pretended I didn't know them. As all the girls stood in a line they tried not to freak out and scream and then there was me I didn't even smile until they come up to me.
" Hi what is your name??" He asked me with his thick Irish accent. 
I didn't want to be there so I said " who wants  to know?"
" I am Niall Horan. What is your name?" He asked again.
"Ang.... Mia wolfe." I replied.
"Nice name."
Instead of saying thanks or something I just ignored him. All the other girls gave me death stares because I was ignoring Niall horan.
We were all sent to the dinner hall as we waited to see if they wanted any of us

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