The downwards spiral. ( one direction fanfiction)

Mia is a good girl and loves her life. When her parents die the day after she is raped he loses everything and she changes but for good or bad? Where will she live now? And who will be her new family?
Just give my story a chance please I can not right blurbs. sorry.
This is not a love story.

Mia is going to be played by emma blackery.


35. Take away

*Angel's pov*
"I can come" I said running back to the cute boy.
"Ok. by the way I am Joe." He said.
"Well you already know my name"  I said.
We walked over to the volley ball pitch.
"Wow" One of them said.
"You got a problem?" I snapped.
"What happened to your arms and legs?" The other said.
"You fucking wanna say that again" I said pushing them backwards.
"Sorry. That is James" Joe said pointing to a boy with blonde flat hair and sparkling blue eyes.
"And that is?" I said pointing to a boy with short dark brown hair and green eyes. 
They were all pretty fit.
"That is Jack. They are both twats so ignore them." Joe replied.
"Watch it" Jack said.
"If you don't mind me asking what did happen to your arms and legs?" Joe asked.
"Me" I muttered.
"What?" James asked.
"Me. I self harm ok?" I said slightly louder.
"Oh well I still think you are fucking fit." Joe said wrapping his arm around my waist. 
I spun round untangling myself from his grip. 
"Lets play" I said.
"Ok Who's team are you on?" James asked.
"Who is the best?" I asked.
"I am" Joe said.
"I wanna be on Joe's team then" I said quickly before Jack and James could say no.
They chucked the ball in the air and we played for what seemed like hours.
"I wanna swim it is too hot." I complained.
"Fine lets swim" Joe said. 
We ran into the warm water and started splashing around.
Jack and James were about to have a race to see he could swim the fastest. They swam out to a sand bank. 
Joe wrapped his arm around my waist and and pulled me close to him.
"You are beautiful."Joe whispered in my ear.
" And you can't have me or Louis will kill you." I whispered back.
"Oh well just a secret for us then" Joe whispered planting a kiss on my neck.
We hadn't even known each other for a day and I loved him so much. 
"You look amazing in that" Joe whispered in my ear.
It felt like a fairy tale. The unwanted girl getting the man of her dreams and then they   kiss on the beach. The fairy tale was soon pulled away from me as I was dragged under the water by someone. I fought against them and pushed back up for air.
"What the actual fuck." I shouted. 
I wanted that kiss off Joe but now I will never get it.
"Calm ya tits brov" Jack said laughing.
"You scared the shit out of me."  I said.
James walked out of the water and towards a pile of towels. He picked up a phone and put it to his ear.  I guess it was ringing but I didn't notice I was to focused on Joe.
NO MIA. This is all wrong a girl like you never gets a fairy tale ending. If you get close to hime he will hurt you. Ugly girls never get cute boys. 
The thoughts floated around in my head. 
Jack came back. " We have to go Boys." 
"Meet me here at midnight" Joe whispered. 
Instead of replying I just smiled.  I looked around and everyone had left even one direction and the girls. 
I ran back to the house and through the back door. 
"Where have you been?" Niall winked as he was flicking through a menu. 
"With Jack, James and Joe." I replied smiling.
" Ok what do you want for tea?" Niall asked.
"Nothing" I replied looking at my stomach. I felt ugly.
Joe would never want me if I was this weight. I thought to myself.
"Mia don't start that again" Liam said walking into the kitchen.
"Start what again?" I asked acting confused. I knew what he meant.
"Start not eating again." He replied.
"Everything is something with you." I complained rolling my eyes.
"Don't you start. You can have a cheese pizza from the kebab" Liam said walking out of the room.
Niall picked up his black Iphone and dialled a number. He ordered all the food.
"Are you gonna get changed or spend the rest of the night in a wet bikini" Niall stated.
"Oh right"  I said.
I ran upstairs to my room and pulled out some shorts and a vest top. I checked the room next to mine and it was Nialls. I walked in and took a jumper. 
Niall was at the bottom of the stairs. "That is my jumper" He said.
"Get over it." I said 
We went into the massive living room and set up a film. 
We were 10 minutes into the woman in black. Harry had thrown a pillow at me because I laughed when the girls jumped out the window at the beginning. I am so mean. Anyway yeah. 
*Knock knock*
I walked to the door and opened it.
"Hi that is 30.35" The man said shoving the order in to my chest.
"Watch it will ya" I spat at him.
"Oh whatever just give me the money" He said.
"No not until you say sorry" I said.
"No" He said stubbornly.
"Then no pay" I said.
"Isn't that a lot of food for some one like you" He said.
"What does that mean?" I spat.
"Well look at you and then the food." He said.
I chucked the foo on the floor and slapped the man.
"Fuck off" He said pushing me to the floor. 
Zayn came out to see what was going on.  Zayn was protective of me he didn't want me in fights. I was really getting use to them looking after me and I guess I was letting people in a little more now. 
"Get off her." Zayn snapped.
"Zayn Leave. I have this under control." I said. 
I pushed my self off the floor and stepped out the door. To my surprise the house was surrounded by fans. It was only a small town of about 500 but it was wonderful and there was a least 100 fans.
"Please just leave and never come back you ugly fucker." I shouted.
"Mia" People shouted. 
I slammed the front door leaving the others in side. I wanted them to stay out of it.
"Give me the money and I will leave" He spat.
"Fine" I stormed inside and snatched the money off the table in the kitchen.
I shoved the money into his hand and stood there waiting for him to leave. 
He pushed through the crowd and walked out of sight. 
I stood there staring at the crowd. They moved closer and closer until I was trapped inside the crowd.
"OMG Mia. I love you." 
"Mia sign this." 
"Mia you are horrible and no one likes you."  A girl shouted.
"Well they do or they wouldn't be asking me to sign stuff." I replied.


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