The downwards spiral. ( one direction fanfiction)

Mia is a good girl and loves her life. When her parents die the day after she is raped he loses everything and she changes but for good or bad? Where will she live now? And who will be her new family?
Just give my story a chance please I can not right blurbs. sorry.
This is not a love story.

Mia is going to be played by emma blackery.


38. Swimming

"We are home." Harry shouted
I pulled some clothes on and ended up wearing this:
I sat on my bed and waited for them to come up or shout for me to come down. I walked to the full length mirror on the other side of my room I was so used to seeing my scars that I forgot other people didn't seen them as much and it still shocked them. 
"Angel come here." Louis shouted.
I sighed and then walked down the stairs to the living room. 
"How was yesterday?" Liam asked.
I smiled remembering it.
"Good" I replied with a smirk.
I was really never happier. When I was innocent and kind I was always just a friend. I have never had a boy like me this much.
"Ok" Zayn replied.
Zayn, perrie, Louis, Eleanor, Liam and Danielle went out to the beach while Me, Harry and Niall stayed indoors to watch a film.
"Harry I can't find my phone" I shouted from my room.
"I m coming up." Harry answered.
He walked into my room and I was hiding behind the door with my phone in my hand. I slammed the door shut and slid a dresser in front of it. 
"Harry show me your arm" I said.
*flash back*
I so wanted a fag and this was my chance. I bet they hid them in Harry's room. I ran into his room and opened every drawer and cupboard. Finally I walked into his on suite and opened the little drawer near the sink. I pushed everything around until I yanked my hand out. Something sharp was in there. Harry no please no. I thought to myself.
I checked again and saw 3 razors covered in dry blood. I have to talk to him about this. I decided I will later
*End of flashback*
"Why?" He snapped defensively.
"Why so defensive?" I asked.
"Just let me go" He said walking up to me.
"No" I snapped. 
I pinned him up against the wall and rolled up his sleeves. 
His arms had about 5 cuts plus 4 scars. 
"Harry why?" I asked.
"I could ask you the same thing" Harry  snapped.
"This is not about me Harry. Just tell me why" I said getting pissed off.
"Come on guys the film is gonna start soon" Niall yelled.
"Ok" I screamed.
"Let me leave." Harry said struggling to get out of my grip.
"Tell me then" I smirked.
"Fine. Let me go first."  Harry answered.
"Ok" I said. 
I let go of him and he ran straight to the door. He tried to push the dresser out the way but I jumped on him. 
"Tell me" I hissed.
"Fine. I am the worst out of the group. I am the one that is untalented unloved and unwanted" Harry cried.
I was shocked Harry was perfect.
"Harry. I would choose you over the others any day. You are amazing, sweet,kind,cute, handsome and funny" I said.
He rolled down his sleeves and we walked downstairs to the cinema room.
"Finally" Niall complained.
"I found my phone" I smiled.
"Good now lets watch Nemo" I shouted excitedly.
"Ok" Harry answered.
We sat on the chairs and ate popcorn. 
"Shhhh" I hushed everyone.
"No" Harry protested.
I threw popcorn at him to shut him up but he just threw some back at me. I chucked some more but it hit Niall. We ended up in a full blown popcorn fight.
*After the film*
"We should clean this up" Niall said.
"Or we should go outside" I suggested.
We got up and hurried out on to the beach. The others had gone up the beach a little so they couldn't see us. Everyone was swimming apart from Zayn and Perrie who were just sun bathing and talking.
"Swimming?" I asked.
"Yeah sure" Niall replied. 
I kicked my shoes off and ran towards the clear blue sea. I didn't care that I ruined an outfit. The boys followed me in. Harry didn't even take his hoodie off.
We splashed about in the clear blue sea soaking each other.I loved messing around like this it is fun. I ran towards Niall trying to push him down but I tripped over and was engulfed by the sea. We were pretty far out but it only just covered my shoulders. I struggled back up.
"Not cool styles" I said. 
"Come on race you back" Niall said  playfully pushing me.
"Ok" Harry answered.
We all swam back quickly. Well I was last but I was pretty quick.


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