The downwards spiral. ( one direction fanfiction)

Mia is a good girl and loves her life. When her parents die the day after she is raped he loses everything and she changes but for good or bad? Where will she live now? And who will be her new family?
Just give my story a chance please I can not right blurbs. sorry.
This is not a love story.

Mia is going to be played by emma blackery.


26. smoking

"Oh My God. Whatever she will go there and get bullied the shit of like I did." I yelled.( or Mia yelled who ever point of view it is.)
"calm down." Harry shouted.
"No." I said stubornly.
Dr. Cook was slowly stepping towards me. I was pressed up against the coldness of the window, couldn't move. I gripped onto the window handle with my untied hand and slid the window open. 
Dr. Cook hurried over to the wall and hit the red emergency button causing nurses and doctors to come flooding in.
"Call social services." Dr. Cook spat out quickly.
Doctors and nurses pured out of the small room and walked off to help other patience. Apart from one who did call social services.
"Angel I will call the Fire station if you don't get here now." Liam said.

"Bullshit." I yelled.

"Mia stop it." Louis said.

"Mia come one we an sort this all out we won't let Jersey go back home." Niall said standing up.

I shift about on the spot were I was standing. I hated to see Niall unhappy and he wasn't shouting at me like the others. 

"Ok." I said hesitating. 

Dr. Cook took the scissors out of Louis's hand and walked over to me, cut the bandage and slammed the window shut.

Just as I edged into the middle of the room the door swung open.  I didn't like what I saw.

 "Nice to see you again.' Jess said. Her long brown hair in a neat bun. This time she was wearing a a knee length black dress with black heels and silver ear rings. 

"I wish I could say the same but I can't" I replied turning away from her.

Dr. Cook left the room and entered a few minutes later with another nurse.

"Thank you Jess for coming." Dr. Cook said shaking Jess's hand. The boys just sat down on the chairs and floor.

"Ok so what is going on?" Jess asked.

"Well Jersey has come into hospital after she got in a fight and we she has told Mia that her parents abuse her. Mia doesn't want her to go home so we would like her to go into care." Dr. Cook said .

"Ok so can you show me her medical record." Jess asked. 

The nurse that was just stood there handed over a file and then left without saying a word. 

Jess flicked through the file and a worried look filled her face. 

"whats wrong?" I asked in a panic.

"Well it looks like she told you the truth. We just need to see her parents and confirm this stuff. " Jess said putting the file into her bag.

Jersey jumped out of the hospital bed and grabbed her clothes that were on the counter near the bed and walked out of the room and to the bathroom across the hall.

" Ummm I need to go outside." I said craving a fag. I had told my self I was gonna stop but I don't think I can.

"Ok I am gonna go out with her." Zayn said. 

Me and Zayn looked at each other and then headed out of the small room. I looked back and saw Liam, Louis, Harry and Niall talking to Dr. Cook and Jess about something, I span around and bumped into Jersey.

"You trying to sneak out and leave me in this hell hole." Jersey teased.

"Yeah totally." I said with a giggle.

"Where are you going?" Jersey asked.

"We are going outside" I replied.

"Oh I see." She said with a wink.

"Not like that." Zayn butted in.

"W are gonna have a fag." I said Looking at Zayn.

" I am coming." Jersey said dropping the hospital clothes on the tiled floor. 

"You can't just leave." Zayn said. 

"Yeah I can. I need to walk and stretch." Jersey said. 

"Ok but we are just going outside and that is it." Zayn said.

We stood there in silence for a bit.

"I will go and tell the people in there then." Zayn said breaking the silence. He sounded like he expected us to do it.

He walked over to the door and motioned for Niall to come over to him.

"Look I lost my lighter and I gotta go buy a new one. The girls wanna just stand outside and stretch." Zayn whispered.

"Whatever mate I know they are gonna smoke to. I am not stupid." Niall said. 

'Dude please. Louis will kill me later." Zayn said.

"He isn't stupid either." Niall replied.

Zayn walked away and We went outside. I struggled but I did get out there. 


when we got outside I breathed in the fresh air and so did Jersey but Zayn kept walking.

"Where are you going?" I shouted.

"Just to the shop." He replied. 

"We have to come you can't leave us alone." Jersey yelled.

"You girls just got out f hospital you don't need to be mobbed by some screaming fans." He yelled back.

We followed him any way. Me and Jersey had to wait outside the shop while he bought his lighter and a new box of fags. Meanwhile we were stood out side some girls saw us and ran other to us screaming.

"OMG DO YOU KNOW WHERE ZAYN IS?" They shouted in my ear. 
One of them just have seen Zayn.

"OMG ZAYN IS IN THERE?" One girl screamed bringing attention to us.

More girls poured over to us and crowded us. I was freaking out with people this close to me. Some interviewers hurried over to us ad started shoving microphone in our faces.

"Mia why do you self harm?"

"How is the girl with you Mia?"

"WHy where you put in care?" 

All of these questions were shouted at us.We backed away so our backs were up against the shop wall.

"Stay away from them" Zayns voice shouted.

He lead us with his arms down into an alley quickly and gave me his hoodie as it had began to rain heavily. The cameras were still behind us but I was hiding in the warmth of Zayn's hoodie.

We hurried down the alley but My leg hurt to much to walk so Zayn gave me a piggy back to the hospital.

We got to the back of the hospital and Zayn dropped me.

He pulled out his phone and rung Niall.

"Niall we have a problem." Zayn said quickly.

"What is it?" Niall's thick irish accent rung through our ears.

"The paps know where we are and an't get in the hospital." Zayn said.

"Ok but Louis  isn't gonna be happy that you took them down the road." Niall said.

"Just come down when you are ready." Zayn  said leaning against the wall.
"Ok we will be own in 5 minutes." Niall said. 

Zayn pulled out a box of cigarettes from his pocket and pulled his new red lighter out.
He light a fag and was about to slid the stuff back into his pocket but I snatched them out his hand and was about to light a fag when he yanked his lighter out my hand.
"Some one will take a photo and I can't be seen smoking with two 13 year olds." Zayn stated.
"Whatever................. Jersey." I said. Jersey pulled a purple lighter out her bra and light the fags that we had taken off of Zayn.
Sure enough some girls ran round the corner and saw us.
"OMG Zayn are getting kids to smoke." One of the girls screamed.
"NO I am not. This is Louis's kid and her friend I just came outside with them to make sure they didn't run off but then they started smoking and" Zayn's voice trailed off.
The other girl snapped a few pictures of them with Zayn and him smoking with us.

"thanks alot girls just fuck off" Zayn said. HE threw his fag to the floor and walked off round the corner and ran for the car. I watched as he just sat in the car on his phone.

"We really messed things." I said taking a drag of my fag. 
"Yeah do you have your phone?" Jersey asked.
"No I don't do you?" I asked
"No" Jersey replied.
We walked round the corner taking drags of our fags. I ignored every screaming girl that was there. 
"Mia why do you smoke?" "Does Zayn make you smoke?" Thats when I flipped.
I grabbed the microphone out his hand and yelled "Listen up fuckers. Zayn never has and never will make me smoke. So shove your little story. Because you are all a bunch of bullshitters" I threw my fag at the man and dropped the mic.
I limped inside the hospital only to bump into Liam. 
"Jersey is going to stay the night at the orphanage" Louis said.
Jess lead Jersey away from me without letting us say goodbye. 
"Liam I am so sorry" I muttered.
'What have you done?" Liam asked 
"Can I borrow your phone please?" I asked
" Ok Here you go" Liam said confused.
We made our way to the car and sat inside. Zayn refused to look at me and just said hi to the boys. 
I went on twitter and used Liams account to check the trending hashtags. SHIT. It was already in the top 10.
I scrolled through all the horrible things people had tweeted him. A few of them said '@zaynmalik Lets ask him what happened' but most of them were '@Zaynmalik fuck you Zayn' and '@Zaynmalik I will never listen to your music again. I hate you'.

When we arrived home Liam asked for his phone back soI gave it to him letting him see all the horrible tweets. I ran upstairs to my room and started crying. I had ruined Zayns life. First Harry's and now Zayn's. I laid on my bed crying. I was so tired that I fell asleep after 5 minutes but in that time I did hear Liam and Louis call for Zayn.

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