The downwards spiral. ( one direction fanfiction)

Mia is a good girl and loves her life. When her parents die the day after she is raped he loses everything and she changes but for good or bad? Where will she live now? And who will be her new family?
Just give my story a chance please I can not right blurbs. sorry.
This is not a love story.

Mia is going to be played by emma blackery.


37. Sex

The rest of the chapters will be in Angel's pov okay. ----------------------------------------------------------------- I checked my phone and it read 11am. Wow. Holidays are meant for sleeping in late. I pulled myself out of bed and dreaded what I would face. I walked down the stairs and to the kitchen to get a bowl of Krave. There was a note on the fridge. 'We have gone out and will be back later. We needed to get food. So there is no breakfast. We wont be back till tomorrow we are gonna be out but will be back early. NO house party' "Fuck" I muttered. This is so stupid. They have just like left me here in this massive house by myself. By myself. BY MYSELF. "YESSSS" I cheered. I have been wanting a fag since Louis took mine away from me. I ran upstairs and into Zayn's room. I opened the draw next to his bed. It was empty apart from a note. 'Nice try Mia. No smoking for you and the drinks have gone too.' I screwed up the note and threw it across the room. It landed on the floor near the door. I kicked the wall causing it to crack a little and stormed out of the room. I walked out onto the beach in my shorts and vest top. I don't give a shit what people think any more. Joe was there with my clothes. I was just going to get the, funny enough. "Hey great minds think a like." I said. "Yeah I guess." Joe said. "What's up?" I said taking my clothes off him. "Just got in a fight with my mates." He said. "Well come to mine the boys are gone all day." I said. "Thank you." Joe said. We sat on the sofa indoors. "So why did you guys fight?" I asked. "Because I broke a vase worth £300. If you ask me you shouldn't buy a vase that expensive." Joe said starring into my eyes. "Oh" Is all I could spit out. We starred at each other in silence for a minute until Joe leaned towards me. He planted a kiss on my lips. He pulled me closer and well you can tell were it went from there you don't need the details. *Several hours later* I starred into his amazing eyes and he kissed my on the lips. I pulled the cover over my naked body. Yes I had sex with him. Can you blame me he is hot and he likes me? "That was great." He breathed heavily. "I know" I panted. We lay next to each other for what seemed like hours until I was hungry. "What food do you want?" I asked kissing him. "I kinda want pizza." Joe said. "Ok" I replied. I grabbed my phone off the side and called the pizza local pizza place. There were some menu's on the side. I ordered one 15" pizza for us. "I love you" I said kissing him. He pulled me on top of him and kissed me. *Ding dong* I pulled Joe's top on and ran downstairs. "Hello" I said swinging the door open. The man gave me a funny look. "If I order here again later this week don't mention this." I said handing the man the money. "Ok" He replied I took the pizza and then ran upstairs. I checked my phone and it was 8pm. We ate the pizza together. Joe kept feeding me and I had pizza all around my mouth. "I am going to wash my face" I laughed. I walked to the bathroom and washed my face. I looked at myself in the mirror. What have I become? I asked myself. I use to be so innocent now i am...... well everything I used to hate. I walked back into the bedroom and jumped on my bed.I pulled Joe's top off and he kissed me on the lips, wrapped his arm around me. We spent the next couple of hours just messing around and stuff. My eyes felt heavy and my body was tired.It must have been about 10pm so I had no problem quickly fell asleep next to him. He pulled the cover over my naked body. *Next morning* My eyes flung open as I remembered the boys will be back soon. SHIT. "Joe. I am so sorry but you have to leave" I said. *Hey baby Tell me your name I gotta fever for you I just can't explain* My phone rang. "Hello" I answered. "Just called to say we will be home in 5 minutes." Niall said. "yeah ok bye" I said quickly. "What are you hiding?" Niall asked. "Nothing I am just about to get in the shower." I replied. "Fine" Niall said and then hung up. "Joe please you have to leave." I said gently shaking him. "Okay. Where are my clothes?" He asked. I jumped out of bed and threw his clothes on my bed. I hated rushing around. I walked over to my wardrobe and pulled out some underwear which I put on. I walked Joeto the back door and watched him leave.
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