The downwards spiral. ( one direction fanfiction)

Mia is a good girl and loves her life. When her parents die the day after she is raped he loses everything and she changes but for good or bad? Where will she live now? And who will be her new family?
Just give my story a chance please I can not right blurbs. sorry.
This is not a love story.

Mia is going to be played by emma blackery.


40. oh no

*about a week later*
We had one week left of this holiday.
I woke up and sat there in my bed. My head was killing me. I got up and ran to the bathroom, where I threw up. I had ran into Niall on the way but I just pushed him out the way.. Niall came in and held my hair back.  I sat on the floor of the bathroom holding my head. 
"What's wrong" Niall said.
I have to say out of the  boys me and Niall was the closest. 
"I just threw up" I complained.
"Yeah I know that." Niall laughed.
I thought and thought about it then it hit me. JOE. Me and Joe had sex now I am throwing up, and I skipped my period. SHIT. This is bad. No Mia you are just paranoid I told myself
"What's going on?" Niall asked.
"Nothing" I answered.
"You have that look on your face something is wrong." Niall said handing me a cup of water.
I washed my mouth out and spat the water in the sink.
"Niall, nothing is wrong." I assured him.
I walked into my room and left Niall to sort the bathroom out. 
I changed into this :
I walked downstairs and grabbed a glass of orange juice a drank it. 
"Niall. I am going shopping." I yelled.
"Ok. can I come?" Niall asked running down the stairs.
"why?" I asked nervously.
"I need to buy buy some stuff for later." Niall answered.
"what is going on later?" I asked confused.
"Louis, Zayn and Liam are going on dates so I thought that me you and harry could buy loads of food and have a massive movie night or something" Niall said excitedly.
"Sounds fun. but I need to go to the beach when we come back I may have kinda lost my beats there" I said.
"Seriously? What where you doing at the beach with your beats?" Niall asked.
"Listening to music." I replied smiling.
"Lets go quickly" Niall said pushing me out the door. 
"How much money you got" Niall asked me.
"about £20" I answered.
"Cool I got £100." Niall said.
"Race ya" I said pushing Niall. 
I was getting bored of walking.
He looked at me and we both started running. I saw some fans around the corner. 
"OMG NIALL WE LOVE YOU" They screamed.
Me and Niall both slowed down to a walk as the approached us. This was gonna be annoying. 
"Hello"  Niall said smiling.
The 5 girls jumped up and down screaming. 
"Hi Niall" One of them finally said.
"What can I do for you?" Niall asked.
"Can we have a photo and can you sign these?" They all said.
"Here take the photo" One of the girls demanded shoving a camera and an iphone into my hand. 
The girls gave me an evil look as Niall whispered in my ear.
He said to me "Wanna pick some films later?" 
I nodded as he stood near the girls. I took 3 photos with the camera and about 10 with the Iphone.
"We better be going." Niall said.
He waved goodbye to the fans and we carried on to the shops. We walked into the massive shopping centre.
"Meet me back here at 3pm" Niall said.
"Ok" I replied.
That gave me 2 hours. Now I have to find a chemist. I walked around the shops trying to find a chemist.Bingo. I after 30 minutes I finally found boots. I hurried into the shop and looked around. I made it look so casual. I grabbed a new hair brush, eyeliner, lipstick, a necklace and 2 pregnancy tests. I went to pay at the till. 
"Mia you are too young to buy pregnancy test" The cashier said. 
"Please just let me buy them. I will pay double please just don't tell anyone." I begged the woman. 
"Fine that will be £18" The woman said. 
I handed her the money and she handed me a bag of the stuff I brought. 
I dialled Niall's number.
"Where are you?" I asked
"About to go in Tesco." Niall replied.
"Ok stay there. I will be there in a minute. I started running towards the Tesco. I arrived there quickly and met Niall in the door way. 
"Hi. I have done shopping." I said quickly.
"Ok. well I am buying food now." Niall said. 
We walked around All the food shops for the next hour and 25 minutes. Then we had to head home. 
I ran straight upstairs when we got home and ran into he bathroom. I waited for the test to say positive or negative. I paced up and down the bathroom waiting. I was scared. Louis would kill me. The press would make this look really bad. Oh god. I was beginning to really panic. I checked my phone it had been 5 minutes. I checked the first test, it read positive. Tears spilled out of my eyes. I picked the second one up and it also read positive. I threw both tests at the bathroom wall. SHIT. 
"MIA Are you ok? Did you find your beats?" Niall asked.
"Yeah i'm fine and They were in my room." I lied.
I wiped my eyes and looked at myself in the mirror. Pure hatred is all I felt towards myself. I grabbed the tests and walked into my room.
I chucked the test in a bag along with all the alcohol cigarettes and lighters I could find in my room. I was saving it all for the last day of this holiday. 
"I am going to the beach for a little bit" I yelled as I walked out the back door.
I walked along the beach and to the house Joe was staying in. 
*knock knock*
"Hello." Joe said opening the door.
"Hi. We need to talk." I said nervously.
"Umm okay another time maybe I am busy." He said.
"With what?" I asked.
Right then a girl walked down the stairs. She was about 15 and she was wearing Joe's shirt the same shirt I wore the day we had sex.
"Oh. I see" I said shocked.
Tears crept into my eyes waiting to spill down my face.
"Babe who is she?" The girl asked.
"No one" Joe said look me in the eyes.
"Joe it's me. Mia." I said blinking the tears back.
"Oh your Louis tomlinsons daughter" The girl said.
Yup that's all I ever am. All the times he said he loved me he lied. I turned away and ran. I sprinted into town and down the streets. I never stopped. Never looked back. I just ran.

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