The downwards spiral. ( one direction fanfiction)

Mia is a good girl and loves her life. When her parents die the day after she is raped he loses everything and she changes but for good or bad? Where will she live now? And who will be her new family?
Just give my story a chance please I can not right blurbs. sorry.
This is not a love story.

Mia is going to be played by emma blackery.


22. Not you again

*Angel's pov*

"You are dead to me" I screamed at Jersey.

"You know this slut." The blonde one said. Apparently her name is Nikki.

"Yeah....." She paused coming up with an excuse " She totally use to follow me around like we were best friends." She spat.

How dare she just say that. 

"You bitch we used to be best friends." I shouted.

"Course you did slut." The one with brown hair snapped. Her name is georgia.

"Fuck you cunts" I said turning away.

"What you gonna do, go slit your wrists again?" Jersey mocked.

"Piss off Jersey!" I screamed. " The only reason I slit my wrists in the first place is because of YOU" I yelled.

A shocked look spread across Jerseys face and complete silence swept over us.

"Shut ya mouth now haven't ya?" I yelled walking up to her and punching her in the face.


Jersey hit me back in the stomach.

"i'm leaving bitch." Georgia called pulling Nikki with her. They must have heard what happened every other time I was in a fight. LOL.


I slapped Jersey around the face and kneed her in the stomach. She pulled my hair and yanked my head sideways so it hurt to move. I elbowed her in the face several time until she let go then I punched 4 times and on the 5th punch she fell to the floor. I knelt down and whispered " You traitor" I pushed myself off the grounded and started to walk away. Jersey grabbed my ankle and pulled me down to her. I sat on her stomach and started punching her heartlessly. 

"Angel please stop please." She begged.

"You don't get it do you. I am meant to be your best friend and you just told people I basically stalked you." I said with tears streaming down my face.

"I am sorry but I had to move on after you left me" She said struggling to breathe. I jumped off her stomach and let her talk.

"You think I wanted to leave. I haven't seen my sisters or brother in months. All of my friends have forgotten me and I have no new friends." I screamed at her. 

She slapped me and punched me in the stomach for shouted that loud.

"Yes because your life is so fucking hard. You get to live with one direction Do you know how many girls would kill just to speak to them?" She said she sounded pretty pissed off.

"I know but i would rather be at home with my family" I said rather loudly. I felt the blood dripping down my face from my nose, forehead and just under my eye. I looked down at my arm and I had torn a few of my stitches so my arm was bleeding again but I ignored it for now.

"At least you have some where to live" Jersey stated.

"What happened?" I asked

"My parent kicked me out after I got expelled from school for fighting with someone that called you a whore." She replied.

"Cheers" I said.

My eyes were getting heavy and the world started spinning. I looked down at my arms and blood was pouring out.

"Jersey I need to get out of here." I said quietly after hearing Niall's voice.

"We just beat the fucking shit out of each other and now you want me to help you. That is jacked up." Jersey stated.

"I will get the social to help you. You can stay with me. I just need to leave Niall can't see me like this it will kill him." I said.

"Ok so who do we find because you need help?" Jersey asked.

"Harry or Louis. They won't be as upset to see me like this. They will handle it." I said.

Jersey pulled herself up off the floor and stuck her hand out to help me up. When I stood up she punched me in the stomach twice.

"That's for everything you done to me. And I think you broke my left arm." She said 

"Sorry then. But you did bitch about me." I stated we both just laughed.

We walked out of the field quickly trying to avoid Niall.

We walked into town and sat down in a cafe. I was shocked no one said anything. Two girls walking through town covered in blood and cuts and bruises, One with a broken arm and the other one with a massive cut going down each arm. People are really stupid.


I walked over to the till and asked " Hi have you seen Louis Tomlinson or Harry styles in here?" 

"No sorry but I will tell them that you have been looking for them." The lady behind the till said in a high pitch voice.

I walked away, me and Jersey walked out and slowly made our way to a near by park. We sat down on the swings. I was in so much pain but I had to ignore it, I didn't want Jersey thinking I was weak. I was admiring the pars beautiful pond, fields and play area when I heard shouting.

"Eww look at them ugly fuckers." Some girls shouted walking closer to me and Jersey. 

It was getting really hard to stay awake but after I had that drink at the cafe I was fine.

Me and jersey just ignored them because we were both pretty fucked up at the minute after our fight. 

"Too scared to fight" A girl with light brown hair yelled.

"Fuck off bitches" I shouted sticking my middle finger up at them.

"OH how cute she doesn't remember us." A familiar voice said. 

I turned around and saw Elle stood there with Megan and Gemma and a few other friends.

Elle walked over and slapped me. I punched her back. I grabbed her hair a pulled it her head to me and whispered " Fuck off you cunt remember what happened last time."

"Oh I am so scared at least I ain't a fucking druggy." She snapped.

"At least I know how to cover up" another girl said. I had no idea who she was.

Which was pretty harsh because well you know what I am weraing and this is what Jersey was wearing  

"Fuck off Elle. I don't care about you or your little friends." I said pushing her away from me.

Me and Jersey stood up and walked away from them but they were following us. We made it to a field the I thought was used but to my surprise it was empty and it looked abandoned 

Gemma walked up to Jersey and shoved to the floor and started kicking her. I was still pretty pissed off with Jersey but I had to stick up for her because I still cared about her even if she doesn't like me that much.

I punched Gemmea in the face and in the stomach. Megan Grabbed my hair and twisted it so my head was twisted and It hurt to move. Elle walked over and kicked the back of my legs making me fall down on to the hard grass. It was like jumping on a sea of emerald needles. I tried to pull myself off the floor but Her friends were kicking me and hitting me. I turned my head and saw Jersey laying there getting the same treatment. I was getting really sleepy and they saw that. 

"Tired are we?" Elle mocked pulling me off the floor. I stood there and punched Elle several times. Megan came up and hit me in the face a few times and I fell own to the ground again only this time I couldn't move. I could see and hear but everything was echoy. I just laid there starring at Jersey. We were both gonna die here just because I am a stuck up bitch that needs to fight. I finally gave up fighting and let my eyes close.

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