The downwards spiral. ( one direction fanfiction)

Mia is a good girl and loves her life. When her parents die the day after she is raped he loses everything and she changes but for good or bad? Where will she live now? And who will be her new family?
Just give my story a chance please I can not right blurbs. sorry.
This is not a love story.

Mia is going to be played by emma blackery.


31. No

Angel's pov*
I hugged Liam and we got in the car.
We drove in silence to Jersey's house. 
When we arrived I knocked on the door and Dr. Cook let us in. I ran straight upstairs like a little kid at the park.
"JERSEY" I screamed. 
"ANGEL" Jersey shouted from a room. 
I walked in and saw a right pink room covered with lovely furniture.
"So how is stuff going?" I asked.
"Well I am going to a new school and I have a tone of new friends. I am even getting close with this boy called evan." She said smiling.
"Thats awesome." I replied.
"So how is it going with you?" Jersey asked.
"Well Me and the boys are going on holiday soon. Umm....." I trailed off. I sighed
"That was your 'you want to say but can't' Sigh" Jersey said smiling proudly.
"Umm yeah" I muttered.
"Well tell me I am your best friend." Jersey said nudging me.
"Um..... Harry." I started.
"What about harry?" Jersey stated.
Jersey was always worried about the boys and me.
"Harry started cutting" I muttered.
"He what?" Jersey asked shocked.
"You heard" I said not wanting to repeat myself.
We sat in silence for a bit.
"Management want me to go to a therapist too" I stated.
"You should go it might do you some good." Jersey said.
"Really?" I asked.
"yeah." Jersey replied.
"I am nervous though what if I mess up." I said.
"More than already?" Jersey teased.
"Ok but you can come with me. You are pretty fucked up too." I stated.
"OK babe" jersey said quickly.
"Really? You have made your mind up that quickly?" I asked.
"If it helps you then yeah" She replied.
"Angel you have to leave soon." Liam shouted.
"Oh crap gotta go soon" I pouted.
"We still have a little bit though." jersey said. 
She always found the upside to everything.
"Come this way and we can have a fag." Jersey said. 
"I told the boys I would stop." I stated.
"Oh well it is just one." Jersey said.
"okay" I said.
I followed her to a bathroom. I sat in the bath and she sat on the side of the bath. We light a fag each and started talking about Getting help for Harry.
"Text me later." I said as I pulled myself out of the bath.
"Ok I did get more credit earlier." Jersey said as we walked downstairs.
Liam and Dr.Cook starred at us. I think Liam said Dr.cook's name was Elliot. 
"Have you been smoking?" Liam asked.
"No" I replied.
I hated lying to the boys but that didn't stop me.
"Don't lie. Just go get in the car please." Liam ordered.
"Fine" I said. I hugged Jersey and then went to the car.
I sat in the car for awhile and must have fell asleep.

I woke up in my bed. I looked at the time it was 9am. I loved sleeping in.

"Angel We have to talk about yesterday." Louis said walking in.
"What about yesterday?" I asked confused.
"You called me dad." Louis said.
"Yeah I guess I did." I said.
"Do you really see me as your dad now." Louis asked.
Louis came and sat on my bed.
"Look, Louis, You will never be my dad and I have started to realise that." I said hugging him.
"Aww thank you" Louis said.
Louis left the room and walked downstairs. 
Harry walked into the room with tears running down his  face.
"I can't do this anymore." he cried.
"What is wrong?" I asked.
"The boys will find out and my friend...." He trailed off.
I hugged him.
"What about your friend?" I asked.
"She has gone to rehab. She is an alcoholic." Harry cried.
"Oh Harry she is gonna get better." I said.
"But what if she doesn't. If she has another drink she could die. I am scarred because you keep drinking so much." Harry mumbled.
"Oh Harry. She will be fine I promise and so will I." I stated.
"But what if she isn't what if you aren't" Harry said.
"I will be fine I promise." I said.
"Harry you need to go get breakfast and try and remember she will be fine" I stated.
Harry left and I started crying. Everyone was coming to me this morning and I couldn't deal with it. I was so scarred that I might lose Harry and Jersey is drifting away from me.
I was freaking out. With tears falling down my face I walked over to my cupboard to get some Vodka but the cupboard was empty. I ran to Louis's room and looked everywhere. NOTHING. I went to Liam's room and looked. I finally found all my alcohol plus more in the bottom of his wardrobe. I sat on the floor cross legged. I picked out a bottle of vodka and started to unscrew it.
"What are you doing?" I heard Liam's voice.
He snatched the alcohol away from me.
"i was just gonna have a drink" I said wiping the tears away from my face. Finally the stopped falling.
"Mia it is 9:30am" Liam said.
"And I wanted a drink your point is." I snapped.
"Go up stairs and we can buy you, your own stuff." Liam stated.
Finally he was buying me my own stuff. I charged up the stairs and changed into

*Liam's pov*

I had to stop Angel drinking. I ran out of my room and downstairs to the kitchen. 
"Louis, Niall, Harry, Zayn. Get in the car." I whispered.
"Why?" Niall questioned.
"She needs help. Her drinking is out of control." I stated quietly.
"Oh" All of them said quietly.
"Where is Zayn?" I just noticed he wasn't there.
"He stayed at perrie's last night."  Niall replied.
"Yeah she was upset or something." Harry stated.
"How far away is she going?" Niall asked.
"Umm.. It is only for today and then we will take her home tonight. Then she will go to therapy every other day. it is about 2 hours away." I replied.
"Okay" they all said.
Everyone jumped in the car and I waited for Angel. When she came down we jumped in the car and drove around for about 10 minutes. 
"Where are we going?" Angel asked.
I locked all the car doors so she couldn't get out.
"You need help." I said.
"No I fucking don't" Angel screamed. 

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