The downwards spiral. ( one direction fanfiction)

Mia is a good girl and loves her life. When her parents die the day after she is raped he loses everything and she changes but for good or bad? Where will she live now? And who will be her new family?
Just give my story a chance please I can not right blurbs. sorry.
This is not a love story.

Mia is going to be played by emma blackery.


43. Niall knows

*ring ring*
"Hello Mia." Elle said.
"Hi. can we talk?" I asked nervously. 
I played with my hair nervously.
"Yeah sure we can." She replied.
"Ok" I said.
"What do you need to talk to me about because it must be an emergency for you to wanna talk to me?" Elle asked.
It was true I didn't like talking to her.
"Well" I muttered and then quickly hung up.
Fuck. I chickened out. 
I hated myself I am a worthless slut. I thought to myself. Tears poured down my face  as I went to reach for my bag full of stuff. I pulled out two bottles of vodka, a bottle of cider, a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. 
I sat on the window ledge and pushed the heavy window open. I light a fag and placed it down near my feet. I opened a bottle of vodka and poured it little by little out of the window. Smoke and vodka escaped the house.
"What are you doing?" Zayn asked as he walked into my room.
"Nothing much." I replied with a smirk.
"Mia. I thought you stopped." Zayn said with disappointment in his eyes.
"Look I am not smoking or drinking." I said trying to reassure him.
"Well it looks like you are." Zayn snapped.
"I am not I'm gettin' rid of them." I muttered.
"I am not some drugged up alcoholic." I cried. 
Tears flew down my face again.
"Sorry. I am. I just want what is best for you. so does every one." Zayn said.
"I know but I am scared." I cried.
"Why? We won't hurt you." He said.
"Yeah but my last family died and I am scared that will happen to you guys." I poured my heart out to him.
This was the first time I had been honest with them about the way I felt. 
"Where do you keep you alcohol and cigarettes?" Zayn asked.
Without thinking I pointed to my bag. Zayn grabbed the bag and tipped it upside down on my bed. Everything fell out.
"What are these?" Zayn asked holding up the pregnancy tests.
At that moment Niall walked in with Liam. 
"What is going on in here?" Liam asked.
"That is what I want to know." Zayn said.
Liam and Zayn looked really pissed off and I was scared. Niall looked at me questionably.
"Mia what is going on?" Liam asked.
"I don't know." I cried.
I wiped some of the tears away and held the half empty bottle of vodka out of the window. 
"Have you been drinking?" Liam asked.
I looked at the bottle and then stood up. The window was big enough for me to jump out of.
"Yeah I have." I replied. 
I took a step backwards. I was on the edge of the window ledge a little gust of window could have knocked me off.
"NOOOOO" Niall screamed running towards me. 
I went to step back again. It would have been my final step but Niall grabbed my arm and pulled me down to the floor.
I looked up and Niall had tears streaming down his face the same as mine.
"It is Joe isn't it?" Niall spat.
Niall stormed out of my room and out of the house meanwhile Zayn closed the window and locked it. Liam tried to talk to me but I ran after Niall. 
"Niall don't hurt him." I yelled.
He ignored me and when Niall saw Joe on the beach he practically ran towards him. That girl was there. His girlfriend. I heard Louis, Perrie, Danielle, Eleanor, Liam, Zayn and Harry yelling for me and Niall to stop

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