The downwards spiral. ( one direction fanfiction)

Mia is a good girl and loves her life. When her parents die the day after she is raped he loses everything and she changes but for good or bad? Where will she live now? And who will be her new family?
Just give my story a chance please I can not right blurbs. sorry.
This is not a love story.

Mia is going to be played by emma blackery.


8. Jail

"Get off me now" I pulled my arm out of his hand.

"You are under arrest" The tall police man said, He was about 6ft and had dark brown hair the was spiked up, he also had blue eyes. and The other cops pulled Megan and Gemma off the floor, and grab Elle they put them all in the same cop car and then they put me in a different one.

" Stop fucking pushing me." I yelled at the cop who was pushing me in the back of his car.

"Well get in the car."  He replied calmly.

"No not until you stop pushing me." I shoputed standing up.

 I was drawing a bit of a crowd, people were coming out of shops, cafes and most of the directioners were watching me. But I didn't care.

"Just get in the car and stop shouting please." He siad making it so I could not run away.

" Fine but lay a hand on me and I will run." I whispered in his ear. I could tell I had sent a chill down his back, a huge smile took over my bright red lips.

"I will catch you if you run." He said playfully.

"I have ran from the fuzz more times than you can count." I sat down, smiling to myself, in the car and he slammed the door shut.


*The car ride was really quiet and boring.*


The cop opened my door and I steped out. I walked in the polie station with my hed held high. A few people starred at me but who wont stare at a 13 year old girl with bright red hair getting arrested. 

I was taken to a cell that had four smokey grey cracked walls, A old rusty metal bench that was chained  in the centre of the wall on my left, An old dirty sink that was almost falling off the wall in the far right corner along with a dirty old toilet next to it And a small single bed on the wall opposite the bench, so that would make it the right wall it was on.


A bald police man was sat on the bench so I skipped over to the bed and jumped on it, Almost fell off the wall so I just sat still.

"I am George, I will be asking you questions about what happened today." He said with a smile on his face.

"I have a question first." I said rather loudly.

"Ok" He was a little shocked I wanted to ask him a question.

"What time is it?" I asked. I had left my phone in the boys car.

"Umm It is................... 4:18pm" He said looking at his phone then putting it back in the pocket he pulled it out of.

"What is your name?" He asked in a posh kind of voice.

"Why do you need to know." I said cockily.

"it is what I ask every person I interview." He said it like he was talking to a 5 year old.

"Fine my name is Mia...........Wolfe."  I said reluctantly.

"Can you tell me what happened today." He asked. 

"I have no choice do I?" What is it ith cops and making me talk.

"You do have a choice it is just better if you tell us." He was writing this all down.

"Ummmmmm.................. I was at the one direction interview I went outside to calm down after the interviewer pissed me off............ ummmm when I was outside Elle came up to me and she was getting closer to me and I freaked out...... I slapped her and she punched me several times in the stomach and face......... I retaliated and hit her back ummmm............ Her friends Megan and gemma held my arms while she hit me repetedly   I got free and push Megan and Gemma away from me and they fell to the floor........ Elle hit me and I was about to hit her back when you guys showed up and stopped me." I explained. I was kinda lying about some of it. I decide not to tell him bout me smoking and drinking.

"ok is that all?" He said looking up from his notes.

"Yes" I said maybe abit to quickly.

 Another cop opened the cell and said something to george. George got up and walked outhe spoke to someone outside the cell. He walked back in and said 

"My co-workers have been talking to Elle, Gemma and Megan seprately and they all say you were smoking and drinking is this correct."

Well there was no way out of this I might as well just admit it.

"Yes." I said trying to sound innocent.

"Yes?..... So you were soking and drinking?" He was a bit confused I just admitted it. 

"Yes I was smoking and drinking." I said simply.

"Ok an how old are you Mia?" He asked still a bit shocked.

"13" I was gonna be in shit loads of trouble when the boys find out.

"Ok.... Mia you are aware that you just admitted you were illegally smoking and drinking." He was still writing stuff down.

"Yes I'm not stupid you know." I spat at him.

"We will be calling your parents." He said getting up.

"go on I bet they would fucking love to talk to you." He looked at me confused.

"Go on then or are you too fucking scared." I screamed at him. He walked out the cell and locked it. 

5 minutes later he came back.

"Mia your parents are dead." He was looking straight in my eyes.

"I know." He looked shocked at how happy i looked.

"what? Why didn't you tell me?" He was shocked again.

"What did you want me to say. Oh by the way my parents are dead so you will have to call one direction instead." I shouted sarcastically.

"It would have been nice to now." He was angry.

"Well sorry I don't tell other people MY fucking private life." I yelled.

George just walked out and locked the cell again. I just sat in on the bed and waited.


*30 minutes later*

I had spent 30 minutes in silence waiting for fucking Louis to come and get me.


An angry looking Louis and Liam appeared in front of my cell. The cell door was unlocked and I slowly walked out, I followed Liam and Louis to their car where i saw the rest of the boys.

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