The downwards spiral. ( one direction fanfiction)

Mia is a good girl and loves her life. When her parents die the day after she is raped he loses everything and she changes but for good or bad? Where will she live now? And who will be her new family?
Just give my story a chance please I can not right blurbs. sorry.
This is not a love story.

Mia is going to be played by emma blackery.


27. interview

I pulled my self out of bed. I remembered what happened yesterday, Zayn hates me now. I crawled over to my wardrobe across the soft carpet and snatched some clothes out of it.
I wasnt in the mood to girly up so I went for a chav mood. I felt so bad about yesterday i wanted to say sorry. I also grabbed a black hoodie that had BITCH spelled out on the back in golden studs.

I made my way to Zayn's room and silently pushed the door open. To my surprise he wasn't there. I looked around his room and checked his bathroom. He must be downstairs i thought. I quickly opened a draw near Zayns bed and grabbed a pack of fags and one of his many lighters, hurried back to my room and hid the under my bed.
I sat on my bed for a few minutes playing with my hat until i got bored and went downstairs.
"Angel. Get in here now" Louis's voice shouted.
Yay now i can get shouted at. 
"Where is here" I replied with a grin. I walked around the corner to the games room to see the boys crowded around a Harry's laptop. 
"What are you gonna yell at me for now?" I asked. I already new what this was about but i decided to stall for a bit.
"Yesterday." Liam stated. They were all staring at me now. I shift uneasily on the spot where i was standing.
"Zayn is getting a ton of hate." Niall said.
"Calm down we are just saying." Louis said.
"oh save it. I ruined Zayn's life and Harry's." I yelled.
The boys all look at each other and fear flashed into Harry's eyes but quickly disappeared.
"What do you mean you ruined Harry's life?" Liam asked.
I have fucked up yet again. Well done Mia.
"Nothing." I muttered and turned around. 
"Mia get here and explain yourself." Louis shouted.
I spun around and faced them. I looked at Harry who shook his head slowly.
I just tapped the side of my nose telling them it was a secret.
"Harry do you know what she is talking about?" Liam asked.
I Looked over at Zayn who was just sat on the blue chair playing with a lighter. He looked up at me and I mouthed 'sorry' He nodded his head and looked away.
* Hey, how ya doin'? Sorry you can't get through
Why don't you leave your name and your number?* 
Zayn's phone rang, pulled it out his pocket and answered.
"Hi" He said trying to sound cheery.
I couldn't hear the other person but Zayn walked out the room and kept talking, there was some shouting and screaming from both people I think. 
"Explain what you meant." Niall said.
"I don't know if I can" I said starring at the floor.
"Sure you can" Louis stated. 
I looked at Harry, was fiddling with his thumbs. I felt sorry for him. I had been keeping this secret for about 3 days, i think
I sighed and opened my mouth to explain it  but I was cut off by Zayn.
"Guys we gotta get in the car. We have an interview with a new tv program or something." He said. He sounded pissed off.
They all left the room and I just stood there blinking back the tears. I was ruining everyones life. I rolled my sleeve up and I traced the lines that ran across my wrist. I was a fucking mess.
"Come on Mia." Liam shouted snapping me out of my thoughts. I pulled my sleeve down. I walked out of the house and Liam locked the front door. I jumped in the car and slammed the door. 

I looked out the window to see thousands of screaming fans and interviewers. The boys didn't talk to me the whole car ride so i just starred out the window replaying the last couple of days in my head.

Paul opened the door and Zayn jumped out first then Liam, Louis, Harry, Niall and last of course me.
They quickly made there way to the front of the building and darted in but I walked slower, whats the point in being her none of them like me,I thought.
Paul speed me up a little and within 10 minutes I was indoors with the boys.

We were shown to a dressing room and when I say we i mean the boys where shown and I almost had the door slammed in my face by the stage assistance.
I opened the door and gave the stage assistance a stare, walked in the room and saw the boys already having their hair messed with.  Someone tried to take my hoodie off me but i said no and flopped down onto the red sofa. 
I pulled out my phone (Louis had given it back just incase i run off again. then he can call me) and scrolled through my twitter. People were being horrible.
Louis helped me make my twitter when i first moved in with them. Thats why my username is @AngelTomo.
@AngelTomo I hate you. You are a druggy and just hurt the boys. #IhateMia
@AngelTomo You won't live till tomorrow if I can help it.
@AngelTomo you ugly slag. Go die. #IhateMia
@AngelTomo Stay strong I still love you. 
I read that one and clicked in to her account @Minniehoran
I followed her tweeted her @Minniehoran people like you give me hope. Love ya.
"One direction this way." A man called pointing to the stage.
"Is Mia coming on stage with us?" Harry asked.
"Yes. She is." The bald man said. 
I jumped up and made my way over to the boys. I sighed and then put a fake smile on, walked on stage. We all sat down on separate chairs. In this order Harry, Me, Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn. 
"Hi I am Penny. I am going to interview you. The cameras are there. there and there." She said pointing to the cameras. Well all nodded. She sat down after shaking our hands. The green light above us went on signalling that this was live now.
The interviewer was a medium sized Brunette with a perfect smile. 
"Hello nice to see you all. I love your outfits." The woman said in a high pitch voice.
"Hi" We all muttered. None of us were in the best of moods but will still pretended.

"Ok so lets talk about the hospital." she said.  
We all were nervous about this topic but we new it would be asked about.
"Why were you there?" Penny asked.
Louis opened his mouth to lie but I stopped him. " I was in a fight with my friend." I said honestly.
"Ok. What was the fight about?" She asked looking straight at me.
"She called me a slut and I slapped her. I overreacted." I said so that would not make Jersey sound bad.
"Ok and what about the picture that is now covering the Internet? Is that Jersey with the blue hair? How old is she?" She fired questions at us. I answered them all.
"Jersey is the one with the blue hair and She was 14 last month." I said quickly.
"Zayn why did you let two underage girls smoke with you?" Zayn's mouth dropped. 
"Look. I have been smoking since my fucking parents died. Zayn had nothing to do with it same with Jersey. Me and her went with Zayn outside because we wanted a fag but he wouldn't let us have one so me and Jersey stole them off him" I muttered the last part.
"So you stole off Zayn?" She asked
"Yes" I replied.
"Louis, how do you feel about your child smoking? Getting in fights? Getting tattoos?" Penny asked
I looked over at Louand remembered when he found out I got a tattoo.
Louis walked into my room, i had just finished getting dressed and was about to put my hoodie on.
"Hey Ange....... Why the fuck do you have a tattoo?" Louis screamed.
I stood there in silence not knowing how to answer.
"Did one of the others take you to get this? " Louis yelled.
"No. I just told the guy I was 16 and he believed me." I answered.
"I can't believe you. Just fucking ask me next time." He shouted. 
Niall and Zayn came rushing in. 
" whats going on?" Niall asked.
"Mia got a tattoo" louis answered.
"You would have said no so i didn't ask." I said calmly.
"Ok. Just fucking ask. You are grounded for two weeks." Louis said. Zayn and Niall left the room and Louis followed.
"I have no friends so it doesn't matter." I shouted to Louis. he just kept walking.
*End of flash back*
" I don't like her smoking and we are all trying to get her to stop but it is a hard habit to get stop. As for the fights, I an't stop them but I do try. I was ad at her getting a tattoo but I am used to it now." Louis answered.
"Can we see the tattoo?" Penny asked.
"Ok-ay." I said and rolled up my sleeve. There was scars littered all over my arm but they were less noticeable because of the tattoo.
"Lots of scars and cuts on your arm. We heard a rumour that you were going to send her to therapy. Is that true?"
"ummmm yeah it is true." Louis said.
"Management thought it would be a good idea too so did the hospital." Liam said.
I shifted in my seat uncomfortably.
"How did Mia take that?" She asked
Niall opened his mouth but I butted in " I ran away." I sated casually. 
"Zayn is everything still going ok with you and perrie?" She asked changing the subject.
"Yeah it's fine" He muttered.
"Stay strong." Harry whispered in my ear. I looked at him confused
"I saw your twitter" He stated. 
"It is just really hard." I whispered back fighting the tears that wanted tonspilled out my eyes.
"I know." He replied 
"You have to stay strong too" I whispered
"Ok" he whispered back.
We turned our attention back to the interview.
"That's it guys sorry One direction have to leave." Penny said in a high pitch voice to the audience.
I pushed my self off the seat and walked back into the dressing room.


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