The downwards spiral. ( one direction fanfiction)

Mia is a good girl and loves her life. When her parents die the day after she is raped he loses everything and she changes but for good or bad? Where will she live now? And who will be her new family?
Just give my story a chance please I can not right blurbs. sorry.
This is not a love story.

Mia is going to be played by emma blackery.


32. Hospital

Angel's pov*

I kicked and screamed as I tried to get out of my seat belt. I shouted as yelled.
"Help I am being kidnapped." 
"I am not getting help. I don't need it." I said.
Niall grabbed me and so did Harry. They tried to stop me shouting.
I looked out the window and saw people starring at me.
"Help" I yelled.
'Angel shut up we are just trying to help." Louis said.
"No I don't need help. I am not a fucking physco." I shouted
I undone my seat belt and quickly dashed over to the window. 
"Call the cops" I yelled.
"Don't please don't" Niall shouted over me.
I was dragged back to my seat by Niall. Harry done my seat belt back up. I smashed my head  knee again and again until it was bleeding. I bit my lip till it bled. 
"Help me please." I shouted as we drove near a shopping centre.
We all heard sirens approaching us. I turned around and saw the cops. Yes they can't get rid of me. 
Louis stopped the car in the nearest place possible. 
A police man walked up to the window and knocked. Louis rolled down the window to talk.
"Please can you step out sir."  The police man said.
"Can I please stay in the car I don't need people seeing this." Louis replied
"Please just step out of the car." The bald police man said.
Louis stepped out of the car and then I heard more sirens and saw an ambulance turn up. I also saw a bunch of paparazzi. Shit. The police helped me out of the car and into the ambulance.
I sat there and listened to Louis explain the whole thing. If they let the boys go now I will have to leave for I don't know how long. 
"Oww" I complained as I clutched my stomach. 
"What is wrong?" One of the paramedics asked. She had nice blonde hair and deep blue eyes.
"My stomach hurts. They haven't fed me in weeks." I said.
"We fed you pasta yesterday." Liam butted in. He walked over to me.The police pulled him back.
"She does look starved." The paramedic said. I think her name is Chloe.
"That is because she refuses to eat. She is anorexic." Niall yelled.
They but the boys in the back of a police car. A tear fell down my cheeks as I realised what I had done. People crowded the police car and took pictures. While people were focusing on the I was crying. We were right next to a motor way. I suddenly jumped up and ran towards the busy road. A big silver Land rover came charging towards me. I was flipped onto the windscreen as people starred at me in amazement  and confusement.
In the corner of my eye I saw The boys trying to get out of the car to me but were forced to stay in there seats.
I lay on the front of the car as people crowded me. The more people that crowded me the darker everything got. The world faded before my eyes. AGAIN.

*Louis's pov*

The police forced us back into the back of the car as everyone else crowded my daughter.
"Get off her" I shouted.
"Leave her alone" I cried. The boys starred at me as tears tumbled down my face.
"It will be ok louis." Harry said.
"She will be fine. Remember that mate" Niall said.
I cried as I watched her body being drove away in an ambulance. 

*Niall's pov*

We all cried as we watched the ambulance drive away with the body of our baby girl. I looked at the broken car that had hit her. The couple stood there with their kid that was Angel's age. Their kid looked amazing with the brown hair that fell to her shoulders and her caramel eyes that shined.
"Can I please talk to them people?" I asked nodding my head in the direction of the family.
"No" The bald man said.
"Please you can come with me." I begged.
He nodded and walked me out of the car and over to the family
"Hi" I said.
"HI" The woman said wiping her eyes.
"We are so sorry for hitting....." The man trailed off.
"It is not your fault you didn't know she was gonna run in front of your car" I stated.
"How old was she?" The girl asked.
"14" I replied.
"That is the same age as me" The girl said to her mum.
"I will feel awful if she doesn't make it." The man said rubbing his head.
"She will make it because she is a fighter." I said.
"Why were you in a police car if you don't mind me asking?" The woman asked.
"Well she has a drinking problem and we were on our way to taking her to a 1 day therapy thing  and she freaked out and hit her head and bit her lip until she bled. She shouted for the police and they came. We didn't hurt her" I replied. I mumbled at the part of were I said 'drinking problem'.
"Did you say drinking problem at 14?" The man asked.
"Yes we adopted her and she has had a rough past." I replied.
"I am sorry to hear that." The woman said.
"Can I see her in the hospital please?" The little girl asked.
"Okay. Maybe later. We have to go" I said looking at the police man. 
He lead me back to the police car and sat me down. We were about to drive off when the woman stopped the car by running in front of the car.
"Please don't take them. They are innocent." The woman begged "They didn't do anything wrong. I am telling you." 

*Harry's pov*
I knew the woman stood in front of the car. We had been getting really close over the last couple of weeks.
"Take them away and I will run in front of a car myself." She shouted.
Her daughter joined her and so id a couple of fans. Soon there was about 20 people threatening to kill them selves if we got arrested.I smiled at them.
"Don't you arrest them." 
"They would never hurt Angel" 
"We love them" 
"I will jump in front of a car. We all will" 
Fans shouted.
Soon enough news arrived and it was live. Cars were stopping and girls were trying to get to us.
We all smiled as they told us to go straight to the hospital  so they could talk.
"Thank you guys." We shouted as we jumped in the car.
I stopped and hugged Jessica. The woman That started it.
We drove off to the hospital and waited for the news on our little cupcake.

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