The downwards spiral. ( one direction fanfiction)

Mia is a good girl and loves her life. When her parents die the day after she is raped he loses everything and she changes but for good or bad? Where will she live now? And who will be her new family?
Just give my story a chance please I can not right blurbs. sorry.
This is not a love story.

Mia is going to be played by emma blackery.


17. Hospital

Hi guys

I hope you enjoying my story so far. 

I am looking for a co-author to help me. Please comment if you are interested in being my co-author.


*Harry's pov*

I woke up and dragged myself out of bed. I checked the time it was 9:00am. WOW I slept in. I grabbed some clothes out of wardrobe and got changed in the bathroom. I sat on the side of the bath and pulled the bandage off, I starred at the 7 cuts on my wrist. How did things get this bad? I asked my self as I did the bandage back up. I pulled a hoodie on and some bracelets to cover the bandage. 


I ran downstairs to get breakfast.

"Someone had a nice lay in." Louis shouted from the living room.

"Good morning to you too." I yelled back.

I grabbed some bread and chucked it in the toaster.

"Does anyone want any breakfast while I'm cooking?" I asked

"Umm yeah. I wouldn't mind." Zayn said walking downstairs.

"YES" Niall shouted as he tackled me to the floor.

"Ok" I said pulling myself up off the floor.  I chucked some more toast in the toaster and took mine out and buttered it. I walked into the living room and sat down to watch TV with the others.

"Is Angel still sleeping" I asked taking a bite of my toast.

"Yeah I think she hasn't been own yet." Liam said stealing half of my toast.

"Not cool, that was mine." I said taking another bite.

"Get over it Harry." Zayn said sitting next to me.

"Harry can you go and get Angel in a minute, Management thinks it would be a good idea if she goes to therapy so I booked her a session." Louis asked

"Ok" I said getting up and tossing my plate in the sink. I ran up the stairs and knocked on Angels door.

"Angel get up now,You have to go to therapy." I shouted through the door.

I waited for her to reply usually she would have told me to fuck off or asked me why or something but today there was no answer.

"Mia get up now. You need to get ready." I Yelled again.

"Come on Angel. Are you mad at me?" I asked.

I tried to push the door open but something was blocking it.

"Niall,Louis,Liam,Zayn" I screamed their names. 

They all ran up the stairs at top speed to her door.

"What is wrong." Niall and Zayn asked together.

"Angel won't open her door, she won't reply and the door is blocked." I replied.

Liam and Louis looked at each other and then both ran at the door but it didn't work. They tried again and again but it didn't move. Zayn and Niall joined them and they all pushed at the door only on their 5th time it worked. 

I walked in and saw Angel I ran over to her and looked at her. She looked like she was sleeping with the cover pulled over her and I saw a photo Album near her chest. She looked really pale, I knew something was wrong.

"Zayn call the ambulance NOW"  I shouted.

Zayn pulled his phone out and called the ambulance.

Everyone gathered round her bed. I pulled her covers off and saw her blood stained bed sheets.

"She slit her wrists?" Niall sounded confused.

"Yeah I guess." I replied 

"What happened they wanna know." Zayn asked.

"Tell them she slit her wrists." Louis replied.

I Pulled the photo album out of her arms and looked through it. It was full of pictures of her family, some of the pictures were tear stained. She had been crying last night but she was to busy with my problems to tell anyone. I looked around and saw her Ipad on the floor.

"Louis, Didn't you take this off her a while ago?" I asked louis.

"Yes I did why does she have it/" Louis asked.

"I don't know." I replied 

I unlocked her Ipad and a video was open. I turned the volume up and listened to the video.

Everyone stopped what they were doing when they heard the music playing. They listened to the song.

"Why did she write that then go kill her self?" Liam asked.

"We don't know." Zayn replied sounding a bit annoyed

They ambulance turned up and took her away. 


We all piled into the car and followed the ambulance to the hospital. The car ride was silent and some of us were crying.


when we got to the hospital, we got told we had to wait in the waiting room. 

Zayn and Niall were crying on each others shoulders, Louis and Liam were talking about how this could have happened and why and I was pacing u and down think that if i had asked her if she was ok last she would have told me everything and none of this would be happening.

"MR tomlinson?" a Doctor said. 

We all jumped up and ran to him.

"Are you all here for Mia?" The doctor asked

"Yes." Louis replied.

I read his name tag it said 'dr. cook.'

We all followed the man to a little room. Dr. cook stopped out side the room. 

"She slit her wrist but I guess you already know that. But there were lots of over cuts on her left arm some of them just days old others months old." Dr. cook said

"She has lost a lot of blood and it doesn't look like she will make it." Dr.cook added.

"Can we help in any way?" I asked.


"She needs more blood." Dr cook said.

"I have the same blood type as her." Zayn pointed out.

"How do you know that" We all asked. 

"I remember looking through her file when we first adopted her." Zayn replied.

"Just be slow when your in there with her she is still weak." The doctor said opening the door.


We, all, slowly walked through the door and sat in some of the chairs. There was only four so I stood up. I walked over to her.

"Hi. Are you ok?" I asked her softly.

"Hey. I am fine. Are you ok?" She asked sounding like her usual self.

"I'm fine." I replied in the same soft voice.

"Hey guys." Angel shouted. 

"Well you sound like your usual self." Liam said laughing.

"Why did you do it?" Louis asked her.

"What one reason from all the others?" She said looking down at her arms that have been bandaged.

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