The downwards spiral. ( one direction fanfiction)

Mia is a good girl and loves her life. When her parents die the day after she is raped he loses everything and she changes but for good or bad? Where will she live now? And who will be her new family?
Just give my story a chance please I can not right blurbs. sorry.
This is not a love story.

Mia is going to be played by emma blackery.


28. Get ready

*Harry's pov*

 All the way through the interview I couldn't help but think about my arm. I had scars littered across my pale skin. Only about 15.The boys will find out I know they will but they wont find out today.   
We walked off the stage and into the dressing room. I jumped on the sofa and sat next to Mia.
"Hey." I said playfully pushing her.
"Hey" She replied but her voice had a hint of sadness in it.
"What's wrong?" I asked.
She opened her mouth to say something but the boys walked in and she closed her mouth.

*Mia's pov*
"You guys left the stage quickly." Niall said with his thick irish accent.
"Yeah i have a headache." I replied quickly. Maybe a bit to quick. 
"Ok-ay" Zayn said slowly.
Harry, Zayn,Louis and Liam followed Niall, who had walked over to a table in the far corner of the room and got something to eat.
I just sat there, pulled out my phone and clicked on twitter. People where still tweeting me and the boys about the whole smoking thing and some other stuff most of the tweets were.
@AngleTommo OMG you got a tattoo. I wish I was aloud one. LUCKY.
@AngleTomo Louis let you have a tattoo. WOW.
@AngelTomo I love the tattoo but I think it is stupid that Louis let you get a tattoo at 13.
 I was about to put my phone away when the light on my phone started flashing telling me someone tweeted me. I decided I would check it quickly.
It read.
@AngelTomo Your arm is covered in ugly scars. I hope you are happy you made tons of girls cut. You are just a worthless Tramp.
Tears filled my eyes as I read this tweet over and over again. I blinked back the tears because Harry had jumped down next to me and Niall had flopped onto the seat next to me. 
I checked all the followers this person had. 5k followers. I had 13k followers and most of them probably followed her.
'Had a great interview. Glad you like the new tattoo. @Louis_Tomlinson." I tweeted then slid my phone into my pocket and got up. 
"Come boys lets go somewhere fun. Your tour doesn't started for another 3 weeks lets go on holiday or something." I said full of joy.
"Ok Where do you wanna go?" Niall said.
"I don't know somewhere sunny. Near the beach." I said bouncing up and down.
"Niall, Angel We have girlfriends and dates with them." Zayn stated.
"They can come with us." Niall said chucking his plate on the sofa and joining me, bouncing up and down.
"Fine but We have to choose a small town." Louis said.
Louis, Zayn and Liam pulled out their phones and told their girlfriends they were going on holiday and that they could come.
"Eleanor can come" Louis said hanging up.
"Same with Danielle." Liam said.
'Yeah Perrie can" Zayn said walking back into the room
"Holiday it is then" Me and Niall screamed at the same time.
"Lets go pack." I shouted walking kinda quickly it was hard with the hurt leg and all but it was getting easier to walk.
We all jumped in the car. I think Zayn was still in a bit of a mood with me because he wouldn't look me in the eye or look at me when he was speaking to me.

Me and Niall jumped out the car and literally ran to our rooms to pack. The others came in more slowly.
I Ran to Louis's room and screamed in his face. "I don't have any suitcases because I ruined them."
I looked around and saw Eleanor sat on his bed packing some stuff.
"Do you want to borrow one of mine?" Eleanor asked.
"Yeah please........ Thank you so much." I said throwing my arms around her. 
Louis pulled out one of Eleanor's suitcases out from under the bed. 
"Hey how come Eleanor has a bunch of stuff her like suitcases?" I asked a bit confused.
"Because we were go on holiday once so she brought her stuff over but we had to cancel and she never took her suitcases back. Oh and she has some stuff her because she stays her a lot." Louis said.
"Ok" I grabbed the suitcase and left. I carried it to my room and chucked it on my bed.  
I looked around my room and ran my fingers along each letter that I had wrote on the wall.
I tossed some random clothes in the pink suitcase. I packed some shoes, bikini , shorts, trousers, tops, make up ect. 
 *Niall's pov*
OMG we are going on holiday yay. You would think a boy band would be used to holidays but we don't usually go one holidays unless it is a tour.
I pulled a suitcase out of the bottom of my wardrobe and unzipped it. I chucked all the normal stuff in. 
I zipped up my suitcase and dragged it down to the living room and sat on the sofa. I pulled out my phone and went on google maps. There was a forest 4 hours away from here  it was in a town I didn't recognise but it looked perfect. 

"Louis" I screamed. 
He came running down the stairs. 
"I found a nice place." I said handing him my phone.
"it does look like an alright place. Go and tell Liam to pack a tent" Louis ordered.
"Ok." I replied pushing myself off the sofa and running up the stairs to Liam's room. I stopped outside and heard danielle giggle. I decided not to go in there just in case. I walked to Harry's room and jumped on his back.
"Harry do you know where the tent is?" I yelled in in his and dropped off his back.
"Umm yes i do. It is in the shed. Come and get it with me?" Harry replied.
We both walked outside and into the wooden shed. I walked right to the back and so did Niall. I reached up and grabbed the tent off the shelf, the door slammed shut. 

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