The downwards spiral. ( one direction fanfiction)

Mia is a good girl and loves her life. When her parents die the day after she is raped he loses everything and she changes but for good or bad? Where will she live now? And who will be her new family?
Just give my story a chance please I can not right blurbs. sorry.
This is not a love story.

Mia is going to be played by emma blackery.


39. burried

We ran in onto the sand and started messing around. I built a sand castle and Harry jumped on it.
"Niall!!! Harry killed my castle." I complained.
"One. You are 14 get over it. two You can't kill a sand castle.. Three I don't really care about a sand castle" Niall moaned sun bathing.
I laid down next to Niall and Harry copied me. I started drifting off to sleep and I heard Niall and Harry muttering. I ignored them.

*several hours later*

I woke up and tried to move but couldn't. I opened my eyes and saw nothing but the sky. I heard the boys and the girls laughing. 
"What have you done?" I yelled.
I was buried in sand up to my neck. I was buried vertically.
"Louis buried you in sand" Zayn spat out laughing.
I struggled to move my head and saw Niall with his Iphone in his hand.
"Stop recording me" I yelled. 
I  struggled trying to move my arms. The boys stood there and laughed.
"see ya babe" Perrie said walking away laughing. 
Everyone followed her into the beach. I think they were going to watch a film or go shopping. 
"Hello. Remember me. Your daughter, Louis." I screamed.
No one came to my rescue. I closed my eyes and listened to the waves hitting the soft sand. I was started thinking about this holiday. It was fun and I liked bonding with the boys even though I didn't want to get close to anyone. 
"so where were you yesterday?" I heard a boy ask.
"Doesn't matter" I heard Joe say. 
I opened my eyes and saw them walking behind me. Was he ashamed of me? No he couldn't be .He probably didn't wanna tell them because they would get mad we had sex. I reassured myself.  I starred out at the sea a thought of all the stuff I could do in the future maybe I can post my music online or start acting. I smiled at the thought of my life being that good. I will probably be a mess. I won't have a good job. Why would I? I never finished school. I wanted to. I missed my family an friends. I used to be really popular but then I left school so I never spoke to them again. 
"NIALLLLLL." I screamed.
I wiggled around trying to get free again. Nothing. This was annoying me a little.
 I waited and waited hoping for someone to come and help me. It was beginning to get dark now. The sunset was beautiful. The sun shined over the sea sparkling amazingly. I was getting tired and my eyes were heavy. I closed them after fighting it for a while. It was kind of nice to be by myself for once.
"Tired are we?" Niall thick voice echoed through my head.
"Whatever just help me out." I sighed.
"I was sent out here to ask what you wanted for tea and so that I could get you out." Niall replied.
"I don't care just help me out. I have been out here for hours." I snapped.
Niall fell to his knees and started digging me out.
"Thank you" I said. 
"No problem" He muttered bitterly. 
He dug my arms out and then stopped for a minute.
"Chinese." I said. 
"Ok" He said and continued digging. After about 15 minutes I was finally out. 
"I am going to have a shower. I have sand where sand shouldn't be." I complained
Niall laughed at me and then we walked indoors.
I ran straight up to the bathroom. I locked the door and took my clothes off. I jumped into the shower and washed myself. I really love this holiday it is so fun and awesome. It was gonna be over soon though.
"Angel. Food." Louis yelled.
"I will have it later I am in the shower." I replied.
I finished washing myself and wrapped my pink towel around me. I hurried into my room and changed into some shorts and a vest top. I trie my hair a little so the water had stopped dripping from it then I ran downstairs.
"How was your day?" Liam laughed.
"Better than yours" I spat.
"Here is your food" Niall said passing me a bag of food.
"I am eating this upstairs." I said and took it to my bedroom.
I sat on my bed and opened the Chinese. I smelt it and then chucked it in the bin. I laid down in bed and closed my eyes. I was really tired.

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