The downwards spiral. ( one direction fanfiction)

Mia is a good girl and loves her life. When her parents die the day after she is raped he loses everything and she changes but for good or bad? Where will she live now? And who will be her new family?
Just give my story a chance please I can not right blurbs. sorry.
This is not a love story.

Mia is going to be played by emma blackery.


34. Beach

*Angel's pov*
Harry came and sat next to me.
"Hi" I chirped. 
"Hey" He replied.
I guess my fake smile worked.
"What is wrong?" Harry asked.
"Nothing." I replied.
"Bullshit." Harry said.
"Louis thinks everything will be fine if he throws me in therapy. NO offence yeah you guys are like the biggest boy band ever but you will never be my real family and you can't change that." I admitted.
"Louis just wants what is best for you. He has never been a dad before." Harry replied hugging me.
"Hey you two get in the car" Niall shouted.
Me and Harry pushed our selves off the soft sofa and out the door. I ran back in and grabbed my red beats which I made Zayn buy me. I jumped into the car and the boys starred at me. I placed the beats on my head.
"Louis I need to dye my hair soon" I shouted as I pressed play. 
I was listening to 'Icona pop love it.' 
I saw Louis's and Liam's lips move but I couldn't hear them over my music eventually Zayn pulled my head phones off. 
"What?" I yelled.
"You can dye your hair but I don't think you should  dye it red again." Liam said.
"I agree" Louis said.
"What the fuck I have been dying it red for ages and you knew." I screamed.
"Yes but Louis has been getting a load of hate for it." Liam replied.
"Is that why you want me to stop drinking?" I was pretty pissed off. 
Zayn leant forward and gave me my head phones. We were in a people carrier. Louis was driving and Liam was sat next to him. Me an Harry sat in the middle and Zayn and Niall sat in the back.
"No you have a problem. You never told us who buys you this alcohol" Liam said. This was the first time they had mentioned who buys it for me.
"You never asked" I replied with a cocky smile.
"Fine. Who buys you this alcohol?" Louis asked.
"A friend." I replied.
"What friend?" Liam asked shocked.
"Fine I don't really know him. I just met him and asked him to buy it for me and I give him the money. He only does what I ask." I said.
"Yes and what you want is wrong" Louis said.
"Never meet this dude again or I will make someone go with you every time you leave the house." Liam said. Louis nodded his head at this.
"Ok. I do need some new bras. Who wants to come with me" I laughed as the boys just looked at Liam and Louis.
"I am serious." Liam said.
"Ok fine. Whatever. Just because I know how to have fun" I muttered.
"Drinking till you can't remember your name is not fun" Louis spat.
"Ok calm your tits" I hissed. 
I placed my head phones back on my head and  listened to music. I saw the boys talking but thought nothing of it. I leant my head against the window and starred out of it. After a while my eyes got heavy and the music still blared into my ears, My eyes closed and I was happy.

My eyes shot open after my head hit the window. 
"Ouch" I screamed.
Niall and Zayn just laughed.
"Fuck off" I spat.
"Calm your tits" Zayn said clearly taking the piss out of me.
My hair fell in front of my face and I brushed it way. My headphones are gone.
"Where are my beats?" I asked.
"Zayn took them" Harry said pointing to Zayn.
I span around and he had my red beats in his hands. He quickly pulled his beanie over his face and Niall laughed, a lot. 
"Give them back" I said reaching over the chairs. 
Zayn held his arm out towards he back of the car to stop me from getting them. I kept leaning and leaning then I fell face first into Zayn's stomach. Zayn just laughed and smiled. 
"We are here." Louis said.
We spilled out of the car. Louis passed us our suitcases. I grabbed mine and ran for the house. The girls were meant to meet us at the beautiful beach house. 
I ran up a flight of stairs and opened every door to every bedroom. They were massive bigger than the rooms we have at home. I choose the room at the end of the long corridor. The corridor was huge but it only had 3 rooms. The first floor had a games room, dinning room, kitchen, living room and a conservatory. The 3rd floor had 3 more bed rooms and a bathroom. The 4th floor had 3 rooms and a bathroom.
My room was white with red stripes vertically, covering every wall. There was a king size bed that had purple sheets on it. There was a make-up table and a massive brown wardrobe that had bears as feet. 
I threw my suitcase on the bed and ran down stairs. 
"Have you already chosen your room?" Louis asked.
"Yeah" I replied. 
I walked around the kitchen and looked for food. 
*Ding Dong*
I walked to the big wooden door and pulled it open.
"Hey" three familiar voices said.
It was Perrie, Daniel and Eleanor.
I swung the door open fully and they walked in. 
"Where are they?" Perrie asked.
"Some where up stairs." I replied.
I watched as the three amazingly pretty girls ran up the stairs. They had packed their stuff in the boys suitcases.
I ran out to the sofa and jumped on it. I had to wait for the boys. About 5 minutes passed till Niall came downstairs.
"You done?" I asked.
"Yeah why?" He replied with a smile and a wink. 
I knew he was pissing about. 
"I wanna go swimming but....." I trailed off.
"You are scared of showing your scars?" Niall answered.
I nodded nervously. 
"Do you wanna go shopping then?" He asked.
I looked at him confused.
"We can get some foundation or something for them." Niall said.
I smile and hugged him. We left and ran to the shops literally. Liam made Paul stay at home. We said we could deal with the fans ourselves.
I brought 4 different foundations, a new bikini and some bracelets. Me and Niall also went to the doctors.
"Hello this is Mia" Niall said gesturing towards me.
"Ok and why are we here?" The woman said.
I looked at Niall and waited for him to explain.
"Well we are here on holiday and Mia wants to go swimming but she is nervous because she has ....... some scars." Niall explained.
"Can I see these scars?" The doctor asked her name was Gemma.
I looked at Niall and he nodded. I rolled my sleeves up. I watched as Gemma's facial expression changed from calm doctor to shocked. 
"There is not much I can do but I have some foundation that could help a bit." Gemma said.
"Ok but I already have 4" I said.
Gemma handed me a pot of foundation which I snatched out of her hands. My and Niall got up and left.
"Thank you so much, Niall" I said.
I made Niall run back to the beach house. 
When we go there I ran upstairs and into my room. I flung my suitcase open and threw everything on to my bed. I eventually choose this     it was my new bikini as well so I was super happy.
I smothered my skin in the foundations but my i didn't work so I took it all off.  I walked out of my room and down stairs. 
"I wanna go to the beach" I shouted.
"Ok" Niall and Liam shouted.
"Get ready then" Louis yelled.
"I am gonna go to the shops" Harry replied.
Zayn just didn't reply. I walked into the living and starred at myself in the full length mirror. I had scars covering my arm from my shoulder down to my wrist. Tear filled my eyes as I traced the five cuts on my thighs. Two tears slipped out of my eyes and rolled down my cheek. 
"You ready?" Liam called.
I wiped my eyes as I heard 7 people ran down the stairs.
"Yeah." I smiled. 
I spun around and faced them. The girls faces changed from smiles to shocked.  
"Lets go then" I said breaking the silence.
We walked out of the back door and onto the golden beach. I took my top, shorts and shoes off. I placed them by the boys stuff as the girls copied me. The boys were already in their swimming stuff. I looked around and saw some boys playing volley ball not far from us. 
"Get that for me will you?" A cute boy said as a white volley ball came rolling towards me.
I picked it up and waited for him to come closer. I felt my cheeks turn red as he stared at my arms.
"You look a little bored why don't you have a break from them, Mia" The boy said. 
He had deep brown eyes and matching brown hair that was short and spiked up.
"How do you know my name?" I asked passing him the ball.
"You are the daughter of Louis Tomlinson come on" He replied.
"Oh" I muttered.
"You gonna come?" He said nudging me.
WOW. I have friends now. OMG that sounded so sad. I need to get out more. 
"Yeah sure I just have to tell one of them" I said pointing to the boys.
"Niall" I screamed.
"Yeah." Niall answered.
I walked closer to Niall and he walked closer to me.
"I am gonna go play volley ball with them boys" I said.
"Ok what would Louis say....... oh yeah don't get up to any funny stuff" Niall winked.
"Oh shut up" I said playfully pushing him.


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