The downwards spiral. ( one direction fanfiction)

Mia is a good girl and loves her life. When her parents die the day after she is raped he loses everything and she changes but for good or bad? Where will she live now? And who will be her new family?
Just give my story a chance please I can not right blurbs. sorry.
This is not a love story.

Mia is going to be played by emma blackery.


36. almost perfection

*Angel's pov*
I walked back indoors ignoring all the screaming fans. That girl had so pissed me off but it was a holiday and I didn't want anymore trouble.
"Here is your pizza" Niall shouted holding up a box.
"Ok" I replied.
I sat down on the floor with Niall. Louis and Eleanor were hogging half of the sofa an Liam and Danielle were hogging the rest. Zayn and Perrie were sat on a chair together. Harry joined me and Niall on the floor after he came back from getting a tea.
"What did I miss?" Harry asked.
"Not much the others are in their own worlds" Niall Said.
We laughed.
I ate the pizza. I was feeling horrible about it but I had to make the others happy. 
"Whats that?" Harry asked pointing behind me.
I stupidly looked behind me and when I turned back Harry had a slice of my pizza in his hand.
"Give that back." I complained. 
I climbed over Niall and sat on Harry's back I tried to snatch the pizza out of his hand but he licked the whole thing.
"Have it now I don't want it." Harry said laughing.
"Keep it." I said climbing back over Niall.
"Seriously I have feelings" Niall said. 
"Yeah whatever lets just watch." I said waving my hand at them.
I checked the time and it was 11:59pm.
"I am tired see ya." I said pushing myself off the floor.
I jumped up the stairs and to my room. I found this and put it on (I had my hair like that)
I crept down the stairs and poked my head around the corner to see if they were all still watching, and they were. I tip toed out the kitchen door ( which was also the back door). From there I ran to the beach. I stopped at the volley ball court. Joe was sat there.
"Sorry I am late" I panted.
"It is okay you are only 10 minutes late" Joe said.
"Sorry." I said again.
"Stop saying sorry." Joe said standing up.
We hugged for a while and he plated three kisses on my neck. 
"I see you dressed for swimming." Joe said in his sexy voice.
I nodded and he lifted my top up. I pulled my shorts off and he took his top off. We looked at each other and ran into the water. I wanted to forget everything and that is exactly what happened.
We danced about in the water as the moon shined down on us.
"This is perfect" Joe whispered in my ear.
"I know" I said. 
I dived under the water and swam away from him but he followed out into the deep water.
"OMG you followed me." I said as I treed water.
"Up I did." He said popping the 'p' in up.
He kissed my neck again.  I giggled as he did this. 
"Come on lets go back" I said. 
"Race ya" Joe laughed.
We both jumped under the water and swam as fast as we could. He beat me because I didn't take swimming in p.e I chose cross country(running). 
"I beat ya" Joe said pushing me playfully.
"I didn't do swimming in P.E. I am lucky I know how to." I laughed.
"My parents taught me." Joe said. 
Tears filled my eyes as he mentioned his parents. They spilled over and added to the shallow water that just covered our feet.
"Whats wrong?" He asked.
"My parents died early this year. About 5 months ago actually."  I said wiping the tears aways.
"Sorry." Joe said hugging me. 
I was tired of keeping people out but I was scared of getting hurt. I had warmed up to the boys but I still was a bit nervous. I guess I can let Joe in. He wont hurt me. He would never hurt me, would he? NO he wouldn't he loves me and I love him. 
"No it's fine." I whisper in his ear.
He placed another kiss on my neck. We danced under the shining white moon in the water, letting time fly. 
"Water time is it?" I asked as we crawled out of the sparkling water.
"I don't know." He laughed.
"I better go it is getting light." I said looking up at the sky.
Joe kissed me one last time. It was different. It had meaning. It had Love and passion. I smiled as he pressed his body against mine. 
'You have to go' I told myself mentally.
I pulled away and ran towards the house. through the downstairs and up the stairs, into my room. I jumped on my bed and thought about the magical night that I just had. 
"Where have you been?" Niall asked walking into my room.
"Beach" I said smiling.
"Lucky Louis and Liam aren't up, you are"  He said smiling.
"What are they doing then?" I asked.
"I don't know and I don't wanna know it is 3am anyway. Why were you at the beach?" Niall asked.
"I was swimming." I stated. Which was not an entire lie.
"With who?" He asked.
"No one just me." I said quickly which he did pick up on.
"That boy?" He asked.
"Maybe. Yeah. It was soooo romantic" I said. I couldn't keep it in.
"What was sooo romantic" Louis said walking into my room in boxers.
"Put some clothes on" I said.
"I was going to the toilet but then I heard you so..... Yeah" Louis trailed off.
"wait.. isn't your room upstairs and there is a bathroom up there." I said.
"I was getting a drink as well." Louis replied.
"Fine" I muttered.
"What was soooo romantic anyway?" Louis asked again.
"None of your business. " I said quickly. He would kill me and Joe.
Niall just sat on my bed awkwardly while we talked looking around my very very nice room.
"I am your dad so tell me." Louis said getting pissed off.
"Look I just went to the beach to swim." I said rolling my eyes.
"Who were you with?" Louis asked.
"No one" I said.
"Joe" Niall said at the same time.
"Who is Joe?" Louis asked.
"Some boy I met today." I replied with a smile to annoy him.
"You are too young to sneak around with boys at midnight what the hell were you doing?" Louis asked. He was so annoyed.
I sat there and starred at him. 
"Answer me" He said raising his voice.
"Look we just swam and messed around." I replied getting annoyed as well.
"course. Now tell me the truth." Louis said.
"I am still in my fucking bikini. I left my clothes on the beach." I said gesturing to my body. 
"So now you are stripping in front of him. Mia you are 14 not 20 so stop acting like it.Louis yelled.
"What the fuck. It is fine for you to shag any whore you want and have a different girl every night but when I go swimming with one boy it is world war fucking 3" I screamed. 
"So now I am a whore?" Eleanor said walking up to me.
"What ever. Go join the other girls that have shagged Louis." I shouted.
I looked towards the door and they were all stood there stepping into my room. 
"So you are hooking up with other people while I am waiting for you stupidly." Eleanor said looking at Louis.
"I didn't mean that." I said.
"What did you mean then?" Eleanor asked.
"They get with slags." I replied not thinking.
"So now we are slags."  Danielle and perrie said stepping forwards.
"No just fuck off guys. I am not the one having sex here." I shouted.
"Have you been drinking?" Liam asked.
"No" I answered.
"Yes you have." Liam replied.
"NO I haven't. What is the point in asking me a question then rejecting my answer." I yelled.
"Just get the fuck out of my room." I yelled.
"Watch your language." Louis said sternly but quickly.
"English." I replied. ( smart people might get that. say 'watch your language ' quickly. Then you might understand.) 
They left my room after me yelling at them several times but it all so got me grounded. 
I changed into some pink shorts and a black vest top then fell asleep.


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