The downwards spiral. ( one direction fanfiction)

Mia is a good girl and loves her life. When her parents die the day after she is raped he loses everything and she changes but for good or bad? Where will she live now? And who will be her new family?
Just give my story a chance please I can not right blurbs. sorry.
This is not a love story.

Mia is going to be played by emma blackery.


4. A fight.

"Mia Wolfe come here please." Jess shouted from the doorway. I walked over there as every girl starred at me.
"Yes Jess."
"The boys want to adopted you please go get your stuff." I was so shocked They wanted me, Me.
I ran up the stairs as fast as I could in heels. I grabbed my bags as I had never unpack. i also grabbed my guitar. I had learnt to play it when I was 11. But I had never actually had a guitar so with the spare money I had I bought one. 
I went back downstairs and stood there putting my stuff down.

"Angel this is Niall, Louis , harry, Liam and Zayn." Jess said introducing us.
" ummm I have a question." Niall the Irish one said raising his hand.
" Niall you don't have to raise your hand." Louis said pushing his had down.
"What is it?" Jess replied trying to sound official.
"How come you call her Angel and she told me her name was Mia." Niall asked confused.
" Well...."I cut Jess off
"It is my Nickname my real name is Mia but everyone calls me Angel." I said Push My red hair out of my face.
" Oh ok'' Niall said feeling a bit dumb.

"Come on then lets get your stuff." Liam said going to grab my bag
" I will take this one." I said taking it away from him. I was scared he was gonna find my fags and blades.
"ok " Liam said raising his hands above his head then slowly putting them back down. I could tell I wouldn't get on with him.

"You play the guitar?" Zayn said picking my guitar up.
"Yah I do." I said walking out the front door.
" So does Niall." Harry said pointing at Niall who was about to get in the car.
" I never knew that." I said really sarcastically.
" Alright Miss sarcasm." Harry said trying to stay serious.

We all piled in the car as Louis drove us somewhere. I remember the promise I made myself. I will never get close to anyone again, because everyone I get close to dies.

When we got to the house it was massive. Niall led me up three 4 flights of stairs and to a door. He let me open it. The room was so nice the walls were pink leopard bright and everything was pink or purple. I loved it. but I didn't really show it.

Niall left as the boys had to rush to an interview.

I decide I would go look around town for a bit but as I ran to the front door I found out it was locked and so was the back door,  So I walked to my room and opened the window. I climbed down the tree trying not to ruin my outfit this was my favourite dress. When I was on the floor I brushed the invisible dirt off my dress. 

I walked to the mall looking for some more clothes. I took a while but I found the mall after 20 minutes. I was walking around the mall when a girl with horrible bleach blonde hair ( no offence to anyone with bleach blonde hair.) shouted 
" Hey girls look at that posh slut shopping in a dress here." The 5 friends she was with laughed.
I jus ignored them and carried on walking.  But she started following me.
" You to posh to fight me? Bitch.'' I could tell she was behind me and no one had ever stood up to her you could just tell.
" Jut get a life and leave me alone." I said a kept walking.
" You are so full of your self you stupid cunt"  She said chewing her gum and she put her hand on my shoulder to stop me walking.
I turned around and slapped her " I am not full of my self you are so Fuck up ya little bitch."

She slapped me back, which I expected. I was going to enjoy this. I had never been in a fight but Jersey had taught me some stuff to keep myself safe. I grabbed her hair and twisted it with one hand and with the other I punched her in the stomach, she bent over in pain but I pulled her back up by her hair which I still had in my hand then I lifted my knee up and slammed her face down to it. I let go of her hair and she fell to the floor. I looked at her for a minute the walked back home.

I climbed back up the tree and jumped into my room. I washed to blood off of my hands, face and knee. As if on time the boys walked through the door and called me down. I ran downstairs and saw they were on twitter looking at a picture. CRAP. I thought to myself as I saw the picture was me beating that blonde girl.
"What is this Mia?" Louis said raising an eyebrow.
"Some girl getting her ass kicked." I said trying not to laugh.
" Well to me it looks like you beating some blonde girl.
"Maybe it is or maybe it isn't" I said trying to confuse them. It didn't work though.
" You are grounded" Louis said pointing to the stairs.
" What the fuck? Your not my Dad you can't tell me what to do." I screamed at him.
" I am your legal guardian so I can tell you what to do." He said pointing to the stairs again.
"I can do what I want I don't need some boy band that is full of them selves to tell me what to do." I said running up the stairs to my room. I locked the door and tried to find my blade. Once I had found it I sliced my skin 7 more times each for a different thing: one for being born, one for them adopting me, one for my little sisters, one for my parents dying, one for ruining everyone life, one cutting myself and one for being Me. I cleared the blood up and hid the blade again I change into some trackies and a top and went to bed.

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