Camping with one direction

A girl called Lizzy goes camping and meets one direction and becomes very close to the band


8. Self confidence

I went to bed after we had are meal but woke up at 3 am with two people i couldn't tell who squashing me and Ellianna sleep singing Little Things she was an amazing singer and she was beautiful with long golden curly hair and bright blue eyes AND I MEAN SHE CAN HAVE ANY GUY SHE WANTS I MEAN COME ON SHE WAS GOING OUT WITH NIALL WITHIN 10 SECONDS!!! well i sat there with my brown short  hair and dark brown/red eyes just wishing for someone to like me for me and not to get close to Ellianna Harry woke up as he heard he get out of bed and put the kettle on and he asked me to make him some tea  I started making it as slowly one by one they woke up it took me 2 hours to make the tea eventually I took Ellianna off to talk alone when i realised she had thought i was going out with harry this whole time " what! no!" i replied she looked at me in that way that told me she thinks we should go out i thought about it and thought he likes that Myra girl and how heartbroken he was "By the way why was Harry crying" could i tell her....

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