Camping with one direction

A girl called Lizzy goes camping and meets one direction and becomes very close to the band


6. matchmaker

Ellianna arrived "hey so who did you wanna show me is he hot" she asked " they are on the bench over there" she looked around "OMG ONE  DIRECTION!" She ran over to them she was so exited she kissed Niall on the lips then went bright red "sorry" she blushed he smiled " ok whats your name" he asked he started blushing " Ellianna" Harry laughed and made kissy noises i hit him but he moved and ended up  hitting him in an area where it hurt "Sorry" i said "ugghh ouchh" he moaned I gave him a ice pack and came back to find ellianna kissing niall whilst zayn liam and louis pretended to be sick harry was still in pain i was making tea hmmm i never imagened that would happen but with one direction to...

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