Camping with one direction

A girl called Lizzy goes camping and meets one direction and becomes very close to the band


13. Confused

Ellianna had arrived and was so exited to see the boys again her and Niall kissed....again there was a big age gap between Niall and Ellianna 5 years Ellianna was younger but he looked the same age as ellianna is really tall and has long curly blonde hair she looks around the same age as me ..ish i am a year older than her but we are the same height we sat at my house eating sweet popcorn watching skyfall (ONE of the best films you know other than disney movies) Harry went off to get drinks with ellianna we all thought they were taking a long time... me and niall went to go see if they needed help we swung our heads round the door there they were kissing i could have cried and eventually Niall walked away as if nothing happened but didn't talk to anyone that evening not even me who saw what happened and stood there with him......

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