Camping with one direction

A girl called Lizzy goes camping and meets one direction and becomes very close to the band


4. Campfire

I got out a lighter and lit a small pile of Timber and soon it started i got out some sticks and marshmallows incase anyone wanted any the conversation started when Zayn asked me what type of music do i listen to

"Normally anything from The beatles to Guns 'n' Roses to One direction" i replied "and you lot" they all replied and we talked and laughed untill it got cold i went as quickly as i could to the toilets (yes the GIRLS toilets) and put some jeans a red top and a purple Jumper as i walked out of the bathroom i started to walk down the steps when "BOO" Harry shouted and guess what i fell down the steps "sorry" Harry said i looked up" its ok i am suprised i hadn't broken my nose yet" I laughed as me and Harry walked back to the fire soon after it started to rain we ran into my tent and put the little lamp on We talked and laughed but soon we got very tired It was 2 am i looked outside it was hammering it down i said " why not sleep here for the night you wont get a cold then" i said they agreed and we quickly fell assleep... 

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