Camping with one direction

A girl called Lizzy goes camping and meets one direction and becomes very close to the band


10. A sad text

I looked at my phone a text from my mum

Elizabeth Lillian Taylor,

Me and your farther are going on a 3 year trip to new york to work on our book 2 weeks after we pick you up Jake is staying with his friend Sony but there is nowhere for you to stay unless you find a friend i will arrange for you to see us once a year i love you xxx

I cried then and there just after being kissed by someone almost every girl dreams of  i showed the boys and ellianna the text "can you sing" Harry asked me and ellianna

"yes" ellianna replied

"no" i said 

"I have never heard you sing sing for us" Ellianna said i sang Ellianna joined in

"you two can come touring with us you know be our opening act and join us in a song or two untill your parents come back" Niall said

"Hmmmmm ok" we agreed

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