One Direction Imagines

One Direction Imagines. HEYYY! it's sandra, sooo these are my first imagines :P have fun reading them.


2. 1. Lucy + Louis

 (for stabadaisy)


It's your first day in your new school. You see a cute british smile in your class you don't know his name yet though. After you get your timetable nd realise that you have P.E first which you hated the most out of all! You go to your class and sit in the hall with the rest of the girls. After you realise that your teacher comes in with another teacher you see all the confused looks on all the other girl's faces. After all the boys come in running the boys' teacher realises that there is one boy missing he shouts "where on earth is louis?!" but none of the boys knew in a bit louis comes in the door saying "sorry im late did I miss anything?" with a huge smile "Yeah now move on and sit down!" the teacher yelled. Next you realise it's the boy with that really cute smile. He comes and sits next to you. "Hey! im louis" He whispered to me "hi...I'm Lucy..." you said nervously. Next both the teachers argued and after comed up with what the classes are ment to be doing. 

"Okay so me and Mr.Brown comed up that today we will be doing...SWIMMING!" your teacher said while your eyes widen up and thought to your self 'nonono! I cant fucking swim whyyyy?' 

"Guys don't worry we will be picking the pairs" Mr.Brown winked at the whole class. You felt like you actuarly gona die 'what if i gona end up with louis?! I cant swim i just gona make a fool out of my self!' 


After all the girls and boys are in water already and the teachers picked the pairs you have to be with someone called Josh. After you notice Louis stare at you and all you do is just smile at him. In a bit Louis did a weird hand/finger move and he swaped places with that Josh. 'Oh no!! what if...if...if.. i gona be so stupid !' 


Next the teacher started speaking and we had to swim a bit your legs started shaking. After you realise that Louis placed his hand on your shoulder and gaved you a big smile "don't worry I can teach you!" he whispered while you started to have buterflies in your stomach you began to like him more than you think. Next you louis began to talk to you and nearly all you did was talking and laughing with him the whole lesson. Then your teacher told the classes that you only have 10min left and she wants to see what you did. You burried your head in your hands the next thing you noticed is that someone hgged you from behind you turn around to see who it is but you didnt see him because as soon as you turned around he started to kiss you on your lips in that water you didn't know what to do so you just continued it. After you both pulled away you saw it was louis then the buterflies changed into exploding fireworks you smiled at him.


The the lesson was over and you went to your locker, you open it and saw a letter that just comed out of it, you pick it up to red it and read ' hey there beautifl! ;) had so much fun today with you, don't you think we should do it again? but this time not in school hehe ;) well if you want to meet up anyday just give me a call or a text or anything 0723456789123 love from Louis Tomlinson <3' after that note you straight type it into your phone and text him 'yup me too ;) <3' 


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