Guitars & Tattoos

When nineteen year old Singer/Songwriter Scarlett gets invited to be the support act for One Direction on their tour this summer... she doesn't think her world could get any better. But will Scar find more on tour with the five boys than just a record deal?


4. Suitcases

Scar's POV

The annoying ringing sound of my alarm drags me from sleep at half five. Yep, half five in the morning.
I groan and slap my phone until it stops, before finally dragging myself out of bed. I rub my eyes and attempt to open them; the dark room the only thing I see. I stumble over to the far wall and run my hands along it. Eventually I come across the light switch. Switching it on, I groan again as the bright light nearly blinds me. I run my hands through my tangled hair and drag myself over to the mirror. I change into my outfit and pull on my shoes before pulling my hair back from my face and doing my make-up. I give up halfway through and decide to leave my face practically bare. I attempt to curl my hair in loose ringlets but it required too much concentration than what I had available at five in the morning. Instead, I pull it up into a tangled bun and let tendrils fall. I grab my handbag and shove everything I need into it; phone, purse, books and song book. I place the strap over my shoulder and grab my suitcase before trailing it out of the room; the weight heavy on my arms. 

Louis' POV 

I slump lazily onto the sofa and close my heavy eyes just as Chase steps into the front room and claps his hands sharply.
"Come on! Up, up, up! We need to leave!" He booms, causing me to groan.
"Right now?" I complain like a child, pushing up from the sofa and re-arranging my beanie on my head.
"Yes, the van's waiting outside now!" He says, shaking a sleeping Niall by the shoulders.
"Niall, man, come on wake up!" He shouts at him, causing Niall to sit up with a confused expression. 
"What-" He stutters, forcing his eyes open. 
"Go and get Liam from the kitchen," Chase orders me, nodding at the doorway. I yawn and wander out of the room, stopping at the sound of something crashing down the stairs. I look up quickly to see Scarlett standing there; heavy suitcase in tow.
"Scar?" I call up. She spots me, chewing on her lower lip. 
"Need some help?" I ask, beginning to climb the stairs towards her. She shakes her head but I slip the suitcase from her fingers anyway. She smiles thankfully; dimple igniting on her right cheek. I lift it and carry it down to the bottom; placing it on the floor next to the front door.
"My guitar!" She gasps, golden eyes rounding out. 
"Here," Niall appears in the doorway; guitar case in hand.
"Thank you," She lets out a deep breath with a smile, taking it from Niall's hands. He smiles lopsidedly at her before heading off into the kitchen.
"Tell Liam to come here too!" I call after him; a mumbled 'yeah' my only response.
"Are you looking forward to the next six months?" I ask her with a grin. She nods eagerly.
"Of course I am!" She squeals, causing me to chuckle.
"Sorry, I erm... I just... I still can't believe it." She whispers the last part; colour rising to her cheeks.
"It's fine, I'm glad you're excited." I say back, not being able to stop smiling.
"You two! Van, now!" Chase shoos us with his hands. I pick up Scar's suitcase and mine too, dragging them behind me and out of the door. The sun was just rising; painting the street gold, orange and red. I open the back doors and throw them into the boot before coming around the side of the van and opening the door for Scar. She smiles shyly before climbing in. 

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