Guitars & Tattoos

When nineteen year old Singer/Songwriter Scarlett gets invited to be the support act for One Direction on their tour this summer... she doesn't think her world could get any better. But will Scar find more on tour with the five boys than just a record deal?


2. Perform



Scar's POV


"What?!" I squeal.
"Like the One Direction?!" I throw my arms around, my stomach doing summersaults.
"The one and only!" He screams back.
"This could make you, Scar!" He adds, causing me to jump around the studio like a four year old on christmas morning. A thousand feelings and thoughts whizz through my mind as I try to come to terms with it all. 


"I love you," I kiss my older cousin, Rosie, on the cheek before pulling back and hugging her. 
"Please be careful, Scar." She says softly, handing me my bag. I take it and smile, turning to open the front door at the sound of a car outside. I pick my guitar case up from the floor and walk down the path; giving Rosie one last smile before hopping into Tyler's car. Rosie had taken me on after Gran went into hospital. Both of my parents had passed away in a car crash when I was fourteen and Gran was the only relative I had aside from Rosie and her parents. She was more like a bestfriend to me, with only two years between us. Now at 19, I was on my way to tour with the biggest boyband in the world. I still wasn't sure I believed it myself.

"Right, just remember; they may be extremely famous but they are all normal boys. So treat them that way, okay?" Tyler says, turning off the ignition and opening the car door. 
"Right," I sigh.
"Just normal, like me." I whisper to myself, opening my door and stepping out too.

"Great to meet you," I shake hands with the large man that was Mr Chase Tyde. One Direction's manager.
"I can't thank you enough." I tell him, offering a shy smile. I was terrible with new people; scared of what they would think about me. 
"You don't need to thank me," He says with a smile back. He was a very tall man with broad shoulders and an equally as wide grin. He had blonde hair that brought out his crystal clear blue eyes that twinkled in the light. 
"I was at the gig you did the other night... In Liverpool. The boys were touring there and we all had the night off so I decided to go down and check out the local bars. When you came on I immediately knew that more people needed to here you." He winks at me before waving me and Tyler into the living room. 
"The boys are upstairs," He explains, motioning for me to take a seat.
"Do you want a drink?" Chase asks Tyler who nods. He turns to me but I decline, saying I'm fine. I sit down on one of the plush leather sofas, looking around the large room as the two men head out of the doorway.


The sound of footsteps rushing down the stairs drags me from my thoughts whilst also making my heart pick up speed. It was them.
Oh my god. 
Stroking my hair to check that it was in place, I study my nails in my lap; trying to contain myself. I look up slowly to see five boys entering the room.
"No, I swear to god he-" The voice of the first boy to enter is cut off when he spots me sitting there on the sofa. A confused expression takes over his face and he looks back at the other boys before back to me. 
"Who are-" His voice is cut off once more as Chase enters the room again, followed by Tyler. 
"Boys, meet Scarlett Bailey." Chase takes a seat on one of the other sofas and Tyler sits beside me. 
"Scar for short," I explain timidly, looking down at the floor again.
"Nice to meet you, you're the girl supporting us on tour aren't you?" The Harry Styles says, offering me a hand and a grin. I take it gingerly with a nod and he smiles before letting go. The rest introduce themselves until Louis is the only one left.  He smiles lop-sidely at me; eyes drawn to my face. He doesn't say anything for a while so Niall pushes him towards me. He nearly falls onto me with the force and pulls back, cheeks blazing.
"I'm Louis." He says gently, smiling again.
"Scar." I say and smile shyly.
"The boys only knew about you last week," Chase explains, typing something speedily on his phone.
"They haven't heard you perform either." He adds, locking his phone with his eyebrows raised at me. I swallow the lump in my throat.

I always got nervous before people heard me for the first time but... these weren't just ordinary people these were... One Direction.
"Well what are you waiting for?" Liam asks me with a wink.
"I... Erm..." I stutter, nervously scrunching up my hands in my skirt.
"You don't need to be shy," Zayn smiles at me encouragingly. Louis picks up my guitar case and lays it down on the floor before opening the clasps. Pulling it out he gently places it in my hands. I smile thankfully and he motions for me to sit on the floor. I slide down from the sofa and take a seat, crossing my legs whilst the rest of the boys scattering into various seats around the large room. I try to calm my trembling fingers before placing them over the chords. I take a deep breath and begin to play.


"You'll be staying here," Chase shows me to the spare room and I step inside.
"Only for one night though, we leave tomorrow morning. Six AM so be ready!" He chimes before closing the door. I lug my suitcase over to the bed and flop down onto the soft mattress; springing slightly with my weight. Sighing, I sit up and run my hand through my hair. Tyler had left a few minutes ago after dinner, he wasn't coming with us. He would be coming to some of the shows but his wife was due to have a baby in a few days time so he wanted to be there for her. I understood this obviously but... I really wish he was coming with us. We had been friends a long time and I trusted him with a lot; I mean I had to... He was my producer and manager. I trample off the bed and grab my towel, pyjamas and other shower stuff. Grabbing it all, I push open door and sneak down the hallway. I had no idea where the bathroom was. Trailing up and down the upper floor I finally come to the conclusion that all the doors looked exactly the same. Sighing  I gently knock on the first one. Pushing it open with no answer, I expose a bedroom. The same happens for the next four doors; all of them empty bedrooms. Knocking on the fifth, no answer comes either. I gently push it open and smack straight into someone's bare chest. 

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