Guitars & Tattoos

When nineteen year old Singer/Songwriter Scarlett gets invited to be the support act for One Direction on their tour this summer... she doesn't think her world could get any better. But will Scar find more on tour with the five boys than just a record deal?


1. Home Early


Scar's POV


"That's great, Scar. Thanks." Tyler's voice comes through the headphones clamped over my ears. I smile slowly and take them off; placing them gently on to the floor in the recording booth. Putting the guitar back onto it's stand, I push open the door and head out.
"I'm going to head home early I-" Tyler interrupts me by answering his phone. I sigh and roll my eyes. Don't get me wrong, Tyler was a great manager and producer. He was dedicated and an all over great guy but sometimes he was just so... obsessed with work. 
"Right. Yep. Of course, who doesn't! Really? Are you kidding? Of course she will! That's great. This will mean so much to her, I promise. Yep. Okay. See you then, mate." Tyler breaks out into a wide grin and puts his phone back into his pocket as I trail off in search of my handbag.
"You are never going to guess what, Scar!" He practically screams at me, grabbing my shoulders and shaking me slightly.
"They have a sale on at TopMan?" I joke. He rolls his eyes and shakes his head at me before grinning again.
"Don't be stupid. Although that would be totally awesome and everything I have something else that is a thousand times better than that!" His brown eyes are wide with excitement.
"Tell me then!"
"You're going on tour with One Direction!" 



Hey guys! This is just something that popped into my head whilst I was meant to be doing an essay but... Oh well! Please let me know if you like it & if to continue too! 

Thank you Xx 

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