Guitars & Tattoos

When nineteen year old Singer/Songwriter Scarlett gets invited to be the support act for One Direction on their tour this summer... she doesn't think her world could get any better. But will Scar find more on tour with the five boys than just a record deal?


5. Happiness



Scar's POV 


"Where do you live then?" Zayn asks from where he sits opposite me. We were on a private plane... first class. It was mental. I had only ever flown in a plane once before, when I was four years old and this was... unreal.
"I come from Newcastle but I live in Kent now." I explain and he crumples his brow. 
"Why did you move?" He asks, causing me to shift uncomfortably.
"To live with my cousin." Is all I say. He smiles at me, not pressing any further. I settle back into my seat and take out my song-book and pen; scribbling a line of lyrics I had had trapped in my mind since this morning.
"What are you writing?" Niall asks me, curiously eyeing the book. I chew on the end of the pen before answering.
"Just jotting down something," I murmur.
"A song?" He asks, taking a sip from a can of coke. I nod my head and he smiles.
"Can I see?" 
"Erm..." I hesitate. I hated people seeing my notes. I would forget myself sometimes in this book and just write down feelings and thoughts instead of lyrics. It was personal but I was going to be spending the next six months with these so...
"Here," I smile and hand him the book. He leans forward in his chair to take it, smiling in thanks. I watch nervously as his eyes scan over the pages; fingers carefully turning them. 
"This is... amazing, Scar." He says, still reading.
"Do you write the music too?" He asks and I nod.
"What for?"
"Guitar and piano." I say and he grins before handing me the book back.
"I actually can't wait for people to hear you," Harry adds, motioning at me with his head and a smile. I smile back and feel the colour rising to my cheeks again.
"Me too," Liam agrees.
"Any drinks or snacks for you?" A man asks, dressed in a perfectly ironed red shirt and black tie with black trousers and shoes. I go to stand up but Louis puts a hand gently on my shoulder; pushing me back down on to the seat.
"I'll get it," He smiles warmly at me; eyes gleaming. I fold my legs up underneath me and watch as he takes the drinks from the cart the man had been pushing. He dissapears back down the aisle and Louis sits down beside me again; placing the can of drink into my hands. Our fingers graze slightly as it passes from his to mine causing my stomach to ping with... something. Happiness? 
Zayn clears his throat, causing Liam to chuckle deeply. Louis breaks our gaze to glare at Zayn before opening his can. I do the same and dissapear into the world of writing whilst they all talk for the rest of the flight.

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