Guitars & Tattoos

When nineteen year old Singer/Songwriter Scarlett gets invited to be the support act for One Direction on their tour this summer... she doesn't think her world could get any better. But will Scar find more on tour with the five boys than just a record deal?


3. Decisions

Scar's POV

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry!" I say, stepping back with a blush. My eyes trail upwards; over a chest and tattoos and finally landing on Louis' grinning face. He shakes his head, a deep chuckle erupting. 
"It's fine, Scarlett." He looks down at me, eyes glistening.
"Scar." I correct shyly.
"Scar," He repeats, drawing out each letter. I revel in the sound of my name on his lips.
"Erm.. could you show me where the bathroom is please?" I ask softly, stepping back again so he can close the door. He does so and turns to face me again with a nod. 
"It's just in there," He says, motioning at the door next to his. I roll my eyes at myself and thank him before opening the door.
"Call me if you need anything." He adds with a smile, slipping down the stairs with one last glance over his shoulder. It sounded stupid and cliche but butterflies were swarming in my stomach. I close the door and walk over to the huge bath tub, turning the tap and sitting on the edge; singing to myself as it fills up. I strip and slip slowly into the water; letting the bubbles rinse over me. I close my eyes and sink further into the water, just as my phone begins to ring. I sit up and dry my hands on a towel; grabbing my phone and pressing answer just before it stops ringing. 
"Hello?" I press it to my ear.
"Scar! I though you weren't going to pick the phone up!" Rosie's voice comes through.
"Hey Rosie. Sorry, I'm in the bath." I explain, blowing the bubbles and watching them float up before coming back down again and rejoinig the others.
"Anyway, how was it?" She asks, the sound of the tv in the background.
"What happened?" She prods. I tell her everything and about how I had to perform. I hesitate for a moment, deciding whether or not to tell her about walking in to Louis.
"What?" She says when I don't continue. I take a deep breath and tell her. She giggles on the other end.
"Is he cute?"
"Rosie have you not seen plenty of pictures and videos of them all to figure that one out?" I say back, giggling myself. 
"Yeah but... I bet in real life they're just..." She exhales, causing me to laugh even harder. A knock sounds on the door and I press the phone to my chest, looking at the door.
"Scar?" Louis voice floats through, concern filling it. 
"Are you okay?" He asks.
"Yeah, I'm fine." I reply, holding back a laugh.
"What was that?" Rosie demands, the moment I press the phone back to my ear.
"What did he say?" 
"Wanted to know if I was okay." I reply.
"He heard me laughing." I add. 
"Well, you have fun... Call me at two tomorrow afternoon, okay?" She takes on a motherly tone.
"Yes, mum." I droan, making her chuckle.
"Don't get into any trouble... and oh, Scar?" She adds as I'm about to put the phone down.
"Don't let your heart make all of your decisions." 

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