lost in my own reflection

Lindy's grandaughter is coming over to sleep, and wants a story told to her so Lindy decides to tell her own little story about when she was growing up and what happened to her ...


1. The fright


 Lindy woke up this morning as usual, she trodded down the stairs and treated herself to her chocolate oaty cerial while watching the news.

After her breakfast she walked up the tiring stairs and got changed. She put on her white t-shirt with a sapphire holed jumper on top. Then her beige trousers with a pair of fluffy slippers to keep her feet warm, (as it was winter !!) After that she brushed her hair which didn't take long because she didnt have very much.

Then she walked into the bathroom to do her teeth bzzzz bzzzz bzzzz that was the draining sound of lindy's electric toothbrush. Slowly but gently as she placed her toothbrush in the pot, she looked in the mirror to check that she had no toothpaste around her mouth, then in the reflection of the mirror she saw another version of herself behind her with a knife and she was wearing a black cape covering nothing apart from her face !!!

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