nobody knows

what if the boys of 1D know how to wash out memories? and what if you have dated one of them, but don't remember? this is the story of Lucy and Irish, who find out what nobody knows...


2. the tickets

Irish P.O.V.


"what was so urgent?", Lucy looks at me from the doorway. she is my best friend for years. I love her! that's the reason why she is the first i tell. "Sit down, you won't believe!" she jumps on my bed and stares at my poster of Niall. we are both true directioners. "Tell me..." It seems like the big poster of Harry is giving me a little push. "I have a date." "With?" "Nick..." I watch her reaction. she looks angrily "What?" "Do you cheat on Harry? You can't! I thought you liked him?" I slowly nod. "You know how long i've been waiting for this, just help me looking for an outfit!" she shook her head. "Never!" "Please?" she stays with her no. "Would you be occupied when Harry asks you out?" Now it's my turn to shook my head. "I have more..." "Better news, I hope?" I nod, this will make her so happy! "I have... a duoticket for... One Direction!" She jumps up screaming and kisses the poster of niall. "I'm coming, babe!" then she looks at me very seriously, I didn't expect that my date would even deteriorate this. "What?" "Who do you take with you?" I start laughing, but her look is stil very serious. "I know that your sister wants to go really bad to!" "What?! I don't think so! She don't even know I have tickets!" She can laugh again. "Owkay. Thanks." Then we scream again. "Stop screaming for imagines!" The voice comes from the hall so I open the door. "Three, two, one..." "We go to One Direction!!!" She smiles and shrugs. "Whatever."


i know this is a short chapter, but i start just yesterday and i want to update every wednesday, so this was a quick chapter.

love you all xxx comment and like please :p

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