My Story

'My name is Tilly, I'm seventeen years old, the place I now live in was once a buzz of energy, I was once a farm horse, I once lived with an old man who spoiled me rotten, I was once meant to become a race horse, I once found my best friend, only to loose him again, I will never see my mother, or my first handler, Jane, again.'

Tilly's life is fill of happiness as well as misery, she was born and still lives on Happy Horse Ranch, but that doesn't mean to say she grew up there.

This is her life, this is Tilly's story.


2. The awful day

The awful day I was driven away from my home. Jane came into my stall early in the morning, her eyes glistened with tears from resent crying. I neighed softly, asking what the matter was, but there was no reply. She gave me my favorite food, soft oats, and two apples for afters. I didn't reject the lovely food, but I still wondered why she was being so kind. She stroked my beautiful, soft neck and back, whispering that she loved me and I should always remember that.


Later she slipped my favorite bridle over my elegant head and rode me out bare back. "Do what you want, go where you want," she whispered into my ear, "For this will be the last chance you will get." I didn't understand the meaning of her words at the time, I was just happy to be riding free. I galloped endlessly though the orange, yellow and red trees, for it was now autumn. I ran through the river, splashing Jane and getting her wet, but she didn't care. I was having such a wonderful time I didn't think it would end, but all things have an ending.


Jane, for the first time that day, took control of our destination and steered me towards home. I sagged, upset that the wonderful experience had ended, but I trotted home anyway. When I got back I noticed a man standing in the drive, a smile on his face. "Look at her, ain't you a beauty?" he said. "She has a name!" Jane called, dismounting me. "And it's Tilly!" I never liked that man from the moment I saw him. Jane led me into the stable were I noticed Leo wasn't there. I whinnied and waited for a reply. When none came, I started to get agitated. "There, there," I heard Jane's voice "I know you miss Leo, but try to move on." When I didn't calm down, she got annoyed at me for the first time in a long while. "He's gone Tilly! Just except that! He's gone and you will never see him again!" I was silent, then realization dawned on me. Leo was taken away, that's why I was taken out on that wonderful ride, so they could take Leo away and I was next.


I reared and bolted, trying to escape. Jane missed my rains and fell face first in a pile of straw, but I still galloped on. The man standing outside managed to grab my rains just as I sped past. I was yanked to an abrupt stop. Jane came running out of the stable and pulled the rains out of the man's grip. "She's still my horse," she said, glaring at him. I was led back into the stable and Jane removed my bridle. "I'm sorry Tilly," she whispered "I didn't mean to shout."


Later I was led into a metal horse box with the bare minimum inside. I tried to crane my neck around to see Jane one last time. She had explained everything to me before the man who brought me dragged me away from her. I stared at her as he shut the door. I neighed a final good bye before I was driven away from Happy Horse Ranch forever.

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