My Story

'My name is Tilly, I'm seventeen years old, the place I now live in was once a buzz of energy, I was once a farm horse, I once lived with an old man who spoiled me rotten, I was once meant to become a race horse, I once found my best friend, only to loose him again, I will never see my mother, or my first handler, Jane, again.'

Tilly's life is fill of happiness as well as misery, she was born and still lives on Happy Horse Ranch, but that doesn't mean to say she grew up there.

This is her life, this is Tilly's story.


5. I found you

By this time I was about eleven, not as young as I once was. She bought me, she came to the rescue center, all dressed up, in her fancy clothes, and picked me, me out of all the younger mares there, why did she have to pick me. She seemed nice, kind and above all caring, but it turned out that I barley saw her. I was taking away from the horse rescue center and taken to a stable were lots of other horses where. They all looked so strong and big when I stood next to them. Here was me, trying to fit in with these other horses, who were so much bigger, so much stronger, for the first time in many years i longed for Happy horse ranch, for Jane, for my mother, for Leo. How I missed them. How I long to gallop again in the fields with Leo. How I long to have a wild ride with Jane. How I long to see my mother once again. Though I do realize these things will never come true, I can still dream. It's my dreams that have got me though this, all of this. Without dreams I would of given up a long time ago. So standing here, staring at these horses, I dream that one day I will be strong and fearless. One day I hope to be like them.


I'm led into a stall and I look around, there's a stallion in the one next to me, he's black with a dirt white main, much like Leo. But Leo's main was pearl white, not dirty at all. He lifts his head and looks at me, his eyes suddenly brightened with happiness. I stare back, wondering why he was happy. He whinnied  I would recognize that whinny anywhere. Leo. There's suddenly strength in my week and tired muscles. There suddenly all this energy coursing around my body. Leo. I still couldn't believe it. Leo. He was here. I was with him. I had found him. My dream had come true. I reared with happiness in my stall and I heard shouting, it sounded distant  but the shouter was only two stalls down, "Hey! Stop that!" I didn't care. I could rear with happiness, couldn't I? There's nothing stopping me after all.


Later that day I found out were I was. I was still full of crackling energy from the site of Leo. The fact that I had found him was to exciting to contain. I was led outside were there were big arenas and indoor halls. I was lead inside one of these were I saw horses being trained. I did not know what for until I heard someone shout, "You will never be a race horse if you keep this up!" shortly after I heard the crack of a whip as the horse was hit. A race horse, so that's why I was bought, I was going to become a race horse. I didn't know what it was at the time but it sounded new and exciting. I wanted to be one, one with all my heart. At the time I didn't understand how much of a battle it was to become one.


After my first week of training, I was covered in little sores were I had been struck. I now understood why Leo was so tired, how he barely had any strength  All my energy, all that strength had left after my first session in that arena. I barely saw Leo, we were trained at different times and Leo had been moved to a different stall, at the other end of the stable. This was not a dream come true, I still had that dream, that me and Leo will once again gallop together in a lush green filed, but I doubt it will happen here.


I never was good enough to become a race horse, I failed all my training. I was taking away from Leo, after I had found him after such a long time. I was shoved into a horse box and driven away from the racing center  away from Leo.

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