My Story

'My name is Tilly, I'm seventeen years old, the place I now live in was once a buzz of energy, I was once a farm horse, I once lived with an old man who spoiled me rotten, I was once meant to become a race horse, I once found my best friend, only to loose him again, I will never see my mother, or my first handler, Jane, again.'

Tilly's life is fill of happiness as well as misery, she was born and still lives on Happy Horse Ranch, but that doesn't mean to say she grew up there.

This is her life, this is Tilly's story.


4. Fred

The memories of that dreadful place are still fresh in my mind, as though it happened yesterday. The place was packed full of people and horses, no matter where you looked there was not a bare patch of ground. My master dragged me into a small enclosure were he leafed me for what felt like forever. At last I was pulled out of my small confinement and into a big arena; I was led round and round the edge, while people watched my every move. I froze as I heard the bang of wood against wood, but I was soon pulled out of that arena and shoved yet again into a small enclosure.


A man came to see me a little while after, he was an old man; he carried a cane which he lent against while he watched me. Sometimes the wind would catch his silvery grey hair and toss it about his head but he didn’t mind. What caught my eye the most though was not his hair, flapping about in the wind, neither was it the bright red juicy apple he held in one hand, it was his eyes. His eyes were a bright emerald green, with a spark hidden somewhere inside, those eyes shone as they looked at me, and it turned out they would shine every time they looked at me after that.


This man who I have just described to you is Fred. Fred, my loyal, kind owner who took care of me like an owner should, never mistreating me like my past owner. Fred had bought me at that auction, he took me home that night, he feed me and gave me water, and he was there for me while I settled into my new environment. I could always trust Fred to be by my side when I needed him the most.


I spent most of my days out in the field behind Fred’s house, every need satisfied. He had given me a new name, for my past owner only meet up with him to claim his money and never told him about me or that I even had a name. He called me toffee, for that is what my coat reminded him of. Mostly he called me girl, it was a sort of nickname he had given me, and I liked it. I was happy living with Fred out in the country side, I was never mistreated, I had a cosy, warm stable to sleep in and all my needs were satisfied. But all good times must come to an end; much like my time with Jane came to an end.


One day a van came racing up Fred’s drive; it had blue lights flashing on the top. People got out and rushed inside, later they came out with Fred lying down on a bed. They put him in the back of the van and drove off; I thought nothing of it, Fred often went away in a van and came back later on, but he had never gotten into one with blue flashing lights on the top, neither had he ever been carried into one on a bed. I thought they were just taking him out somewhere and that he would be back soon, for he had forgotten to feed me and I was still in the stable.


It turned out that Fred never came back to me, I never saw him again. I spent weeks in that stable, withering away to nothing. By the time someone found me I was nothing but skin and bones. I was taken away from Fred’s house and put in what I now know of as a horse rescue center. There I was given my first decent meal that I hadn't had for ages. I was put into a concrete stall, not a wooden one. There was fresh hay on the floor so it wasn't too uncomfortable. My stall was cleaned out every two days and I always had food and water. I think I spent almost a year in that place until she came.

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