lucky to have you

when ashley and her dance group apply fro britans got talent , one direction
are praforming! what happens when she accidently falls for one of the boys?


4. practice , practice , practice

ashleys pov

Today was tuesday! the only day im not at the studio, me and tasha had come to my place after school. "so.. hows you and luke lately?" she said with the look in her eyes , the look that even though she was my best friend, scared me! "fine" was all i said, "ok... whats up ash" the look was more serious "well- its jus-" RING! 

it was jack , i answerd it looking at tasha , she jestured to me that she was leaving. "hey ashley, where are you?" he asked ,"home, why are you okay?!". i must have sounded worried because he said calmly "oh-no im fine its just everyones at the studio! wating for you acctually!" . Oh dear? i was supposed to be there?"okay be right there!" i hung up and ran...


niall's pov

I woke at about 11, louis jumping on me and screaming "come on-come on! practice timee!" , "uhh, later" was all i could manage. "theres nandos downstair-", "what!" i said and ran sown the stairs 2 at a time. i skipped into the kitchen and sniffed for the glorious smell however there wasnt one, wha- no nanods! louis... "loius, where are my nandos?" i shouted, "ummh... in the fridge!" he replied , he sounded scared? the fridge was empty exept yogurt and carrots. ok? a yogurt will do.. i went to get a spoon, oh right no spoons.wonder why huh?


ashley's pov


i wandered into the studio too see everyone dancing to waiting all night, what happened to waiting for me? man those guys where good! "hey everyone!" i shoouted ,the music stopped almost instantly and everyone cheered, "okay ,ash what song?" luke said happy to see me. "trouble, talor swift" i wispered and got into position. as soon as the music started i was in a daze, leg kicking and waist flicking i let the music flow over me like water...

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