lucky to have you

when ashley and her dance group apply fro britans got talent , one direction
are praforming! what happens when she accidently falls for one of the boys?


3. omg!...

lukes pov

okay. i couldnt hold it in anymore , as soon as i got home i rang ashley and screamed into the phone, all at once "guess what ashley we are going to dance on britians got talent-" i stopped for breath and waited for a response "" she said clearly unshure. "because.. were good enough!" i shouted , it took her several seconds to reply to this and all she said was 'ok'... "ashley?.....helooo?". she hung up?


ashleys pov

ohmygosh! move is going to be on BGT !!!!!!!!!! after i had told literally everyone i had a bath and calmed down. i went on instagram and checked the crack....


One direction are preforming on BGT on the same day as us! after I had a mini spaz attack, i looked further down the page "phahahaha" i laughed as i seen a pic of all the boys... exept louis , but everyones faces where historical! although niall... diddnt look himself, the comment was:@ yay! we are all super exited for our BGT show! and go an follow niall's new IG @nialler<3's_nados' i clicked on the username and followed him, awwh he's sooooo cute!

a/n sorry for the short chapter! ;) xxxx

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