lucky to have you

when ashley and her dance group apply fro britans got talent , one direction
are praforming! what happens when she accidently falls for one of the boys?


1. just another day...

ashleys pov.

BEEP!!! my alarm went off at exacly 7, i lay in my bed and listned to the birds outside my house,                                                                                                  "well ashley , just another day at the studio!" i said as i aproached my wardrobe. After getting my bag i checked my phone, i had a text from luke my boyfriend saying ' see you at the studio , miss you loads xxxxxxx', luke was amazing , he tought me how to dance! every saturday us and our dance group (move) met in the studio to practice , apparently we are really good!!

lukes pov.

I text ashley as soon as i get up , she is awesome and she's beautiful, the best girlfriend ever! i get a shower and jog downstairs. " luke , youre in trouble " my dad says staring at me, " oh god why now? " i said whining. " this isnt a joke luke " my mom butts in, "what!" i yelled.

"youre grades are slipping , me and youre mum think its because you have been focusing on youre dancing too mutch , one more bad grade and you may not be able to go to the studio and be part of move!" my dad says barely stopping for a breath. I froze " you know you cant! i just applied to go onto britans got talent.. dont tell ashley though! i shouted and stormed out the front door

nialls pov

" just because youre single dosent mean your a loner mate , it just means your strong enough to wait for the perfect person"  wispered zayn who could see that i was sad. He and perrie had just started dating and all the other boys where screaming and chanting 'zayn and perrie sitting in a tree , doing stuff they shudent be'. "thanks za....",

Just then paul walked in and knocked over the lamp , god he shure kmows how to make an entrance! he cleared his throaght and announced,"on saturday next week , you boys will be performing on britans got talent ! " , " fantastic , thats great , cool" is what harry , zayn and liam all  said but louis was with elanor and i was very exited..."OMG that is amazing" i shouted jumping up."Clam down niall or you will not preform" paul said sternly, "But...wh...what! i muttered , " god niall take a joke" paul chuckled and walked away. i quickly went on instagram and posted a pic of zayn me , harry and liam all exited!


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