lucky to have you

when ashley and her dance group apply fro britans got talent , one direction
are praforming! what happens when she accidently falls for one of the boys?


2. gasps , screams and very happy people

ashlys pov

I walked into the studio and found everyone exept luke there, "wow guys , your all so early" i said so everyone can hear, " we are so eager... to dance!!" out oldest dancer ally said in her soft voice. "thanks ally , where's luke? i questioned. As soon as i had fineshed my sentance i felt soft lips against my neck and strong arms around my waist, "im here babe, miss me?" he asked ,his words warming me inside. "hell yeah!" i shouted so everyone looked at me,"so everyone what should we dance to first?" luke said drawing the attention from me completely! "fire to the rain" one of our eleven year olds said ,however luke ignored it and waited for other suggestions ,"scream and shout!" said someone from the back but still no responce from luke , "little things" i wispered in his chest suddenly he made me jump " harry , put on little things... good man". we danced until we couldnt no more...

nialls pov

All day today we where shopping , stuff for the show but i did tell louis that we could leave it to paul 'paul? seriously, i'll end up wearing tights!' he had said while texting , proberbly elanor.

when we got home hayley (harry's current girlfriend) cooked us fish and chip's , it was all burnt and horrible but non of us complained because hayley could be all flirty and nice but when someone skitted her she could throw a hell of a temper! As soon as she went we all breathed out like we where holding out breath the whole time she was here. "pizza?" liam asked, not waiting for a answer he phoned for two mega large pizza and chips.


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