The More... Unlikely Heroes

And this, my chickens, is why you shouldn't let me get bored :D


2. Huddled in a Shed

Jeff huddled, with the others, of course, in a garden shed. It was a very good shed, full of tools, as any self-respecting shed would be. It also made it a whole lot harder to fit them all in. The Slenderman was bent double, his long body fitting around the rest of them. Smile.Dog fanned everyone with her tail, teeth once again bared in that creepy smile.

Jeff just smiled. The small... group hung around waiting. They waited for their 'victim'.

Assassination was a big deal. This one, poor kid, had at least nine of the sneaky buggers on them. Jeff had taken it upon himself and his team to save this child. None of them had raised a complaint or question at his knowledge of everything that happened in the world they had all left years ago- or so they had thought.

Jeff looked up. A figure had entered the garden in front. He nudged Jack, who had brought along a deck of cards and was playing snap with The Rake. Both seemed to be enjoying it immensely. Well, until Jeff jabbed Jack where his eyes should be. After that, Jeff had his whole team's full attention. He pointed outside, his grin widening. "You see them out there?" Nods replied him. "That's who we need to stop. There's a little kid in that house. That kid appears to be their target." He raised his hand to point up to the house. Jack's 'gaze' hung on the window. Jeff turned his own unblinking eyes to him, smile slackening ever so slightly. "The one we are protecting is not to be harmed." He looked down to the Rake, who sat, hands curled around its knees, watching Jeff intently. God, it had an intense stare. "You all know your positions, right?" He asked. The Slenderman spoke for all.

YES. Was it's simple, deep voiced reply.

"Then lets go." Jeff grinned happily, strolling out of the shed whilst the others attempted to disentangle themselves.


The man heard voices. They were in his head. "Turn back. Leave." The voice came with a picture. A mental image or a humanoid creature with scarily long fingers.

As he continued through the house, he heard scuffling noises. Surely his fellow assassins had the right training to muffle their steps? If confused him. Until he saw it.


The Rake enjoyed this. It's victims were actually listening to it. It scurried through the house, speaking softly to all who entered. Whispering quietly before Smile.Dog came to chase them out. It and she made a good team.


Eyeless Jack ran through the trees to the north of the house. His mask covered the gleeful smile, as black leaked from the empty eye holes. The Slenderman took care of the south, where the majority of the assassins were going. That was good. It meant Jack could spend more time on each on he received. It was nice tasting human flesh after the last few days of moving.


A tall figure winked into view, long tendrils of dark thrashed around it. The man backed away slowly, keeping the creature in view until he had moved behind the wall. The Slenderman couldn't get you if he couldn't see you. He was strange like that. The man turned, to find himself staring into that blank face.


Was all the creature said.


His scream was clear to the ears of his comrades


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