The More... Unlikely Heroes

And this, my chickens, is why you shouldn't let me get bored :D


5. Captive

“Now, Jeff. You seem to know me, and what I do. So what would happen if I did... this?” Banshee slid on of the black gloves from a pale hand. Jeff stared at in in fear, hands trying to keep her hand away from him. She was greatly amused by his fear, by his horror. He had certainly done his research. Which was funny, as banshee didn't expect someone- something -like him to be able to just... walk in somewhere, and look something up. Much less find out about her. She didn't leave any witnesses.

“D-eal!” He cried in an attempt to get her to stop. The funny thing was, it worked. Banshee removed her arm, taking a stride backwards. Jeff fell to the ground, drawing in shaky gasps of air. He was almost like a fish. Scratch that, he was so like a fish that fish would just sit there. Being like fish. Mouths opening and closing, wishing they could be like him. And little baby fish would look up to him, as a role model. Banshee pushed that thought out of her head, and crossed her arms. Her foot had already started tapping. Expectantly, as he stood up, wary grin on his face. He looked at her, and spread his arms wide. “Thank you!”

She regarded him with annoyance. “I don't like you.” She remarked, raven black hair obscuring her pretty features. Jeff nodded.

“So. I'm here to give you an option.” He regained his confidence, smile broadening. “Either you join my little... team without any struggle, or one of my friends will gently persuade you.” He looked up thoughtfully. “He's very good at persuading, you know.”

“And what friend would this be?” She asked coldly, her eyes digging holes in him. Jeff merely pointed down the street. Banshee froze, face turning to a savage snarl. She turned back to Jeff, ungloved hand up as if she was about to strike him. “How dare you bring him here! How dare you show him to my home!” As she advanced, she felt cold hands through the sleeves of her dress. Oh how she wished the Slenderman had touched her bare skin. It was so wonderful when they did that. She struggled in his bonds, fear rising in a lump in her throat. She screwed her eyes up, not wanting to see his blank face. She could remember wandering in that forest, alone, at night. That was how she became like this. She lashed out with a kick. To be honest, she should have thanked him. But it was too late for that. The Slenderman doesn't like unfinished jobs. She tried to free her arms, to get her other hand ungloved so she could place them on his arms, to make him let go.

The air went cold around them, and they reappeared on the top of a building. Jeff stood beside them.

“Why do you torment me so?” Banshee asked, looking up into the face and instantly regretted it. The blank face that haunted her dreams.

I DO NOT TORMENT YOU, YOUR MIND TORMENTS YOU. I WAS SIMPLY THERE, DOING MY JOB. IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THAT... He shrugged, releasing her from his hold. She stumbled towards the edge of the roof. For a moment, she thought she would fall, before the cold hands righted her, and the Slenderman continued speaking. WHY DON'T YOU GO AND TAKE IT UP WITH MY... EMPLOYERS? Banshee glared at him.

“Why would something like you have employers? You just wander that forest. You kill all who enter. Even if they do manage to escape, they end up... dead.” She growled, lunging towards Jeff again. The Slenderman gave a sigh, catching her before she even took two steps. His arms were just too long, Banshee decided. It gave him an unfair advantage.

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