The More... Unlikely Heroes

And this, my chickens, is why you shouldn't let me get bored :D


4. A Woman's Touch

The Slenderman sat in his chair. In his house. With the others, of course. JUST. LEAVE. IT. ALONE.

Jack withdrew his hand, giving the skull a sad look. He slumped down, and resorted to twiddling his thumbs together.

Boredom was a plenty throughout the group. Even Jeff's smile had almost disappeared. Almost.

"So what do you plan on doing next, Jeff?" Jack's tone showed how he felt. It reflected on how they all felt. Funnily, they all felt the same.

Jeff looked up, his thoughts swarmed in his head, like a swarm of bees buzzing persistently at your window. "I think our team needs a woman's touch." He remarked, glancing up, a sly smile on his face.

A bark brought their attention to an indignant dog. Jeff let out a long, tired sigh. "No offense, dear doggy, but you don't exactly count." Smile.Dog growled menacingly. "I mean, you're wonderful and all, but you're not what I'd call human." Jeff added hastily. He didn't fancy being at the business end of those teeth.

The blank, white face turned to him, its owner's fingers steepled in its lap. WHO EXACTLY DID YOU HAVE IN MIND? The voice asked as it came.

Jeff grinned. "Her name is Banshee"


Victorian-styled dresses suited her. White ones were even better. Gloves? A must-have. Hats and shoes were overrated, though. She didn't need them. Not in her line of... work...


Jeff's hands were in his pockets. He strolled through streets, grinning happily. The others had insisted that he at least try to make himself look normal. Ish. They had painted the black rims around his eyes white, in a wild attempt to make it look like he was just smiling. There was little they could to to hide the cut in smile, though. So they had wrapped a bandana around his face. Good job guys. Good. Job.


She could sense something was near. Her eyes narrowed. This was her patch. Things didn't just stroll in unless she let them. This.... thing wasn't allowed here. She took off at a swift walk, dress streaming beside her, black hair forming a curtain behind her face. Her porcelain face was fixed in a snarl. Granted, it made her look even prettier, but no man would want to cross her like this. No man. Even the crazy smiling ones. God, she hated those ones.


Jeff turned a corner and stopped. A beautiful woman in a white dress stormed over to him. He only started protesting when she forced him back, against the wall behind. "Who are you?" She whispered, her voice definably not reflecting her feelings. It was calm and collected. She visibly glared at him.

"Why me?" He tried to lift his hands to his face, she forced them down with her own gloved ones.

"Just tell me." She growled.

"If you'd let me take off my... mask, then I could show you."

"Words. Are. Better." She forced his hands down with inhuman strength. Not to mention unladylike. This was certainly who he was looking for.

Jeff grinned. "You ever heard of Jeff, Banshee?"

Banshee's eyes narrowed. "And what, exactly, would you be doing here, Jeff?" She removed one of her hands, pressing her arm into his neck, pressing harder against the wall. "I do hope you didn't think you'd be able to kill me..."

Jeff coughed, his one free hand moving up to her arm, trying to prise it from his throat. He made strange gurgling noises as the arm pressed harder.

"Aww, am I too hard for you? Are my methods too feisty for you?" She gaze him a dazzling smile, unmoved by his attempts to get her off.

"Y-ou hav-en't se-en what I c-an do." He croaked, finally moving his hand up to rip off the bandana. His smile was a frown, as he stared into Banshee's eyes. She grinned back at him, beauty gone, creepiness replacing it.

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