Hello, Goodbye.

Aria is a college student from Boston who is studying abroad in Ireland for a semester. She just got out of a bad relationship with a boy from home and was planning on focusing on herself and her song writing during her trip. She never expected to ever meet Niall from One Direction, never mind become involved with him in more ways than one.

Please comment and let me know what you think. Keep in mind, this is my first fan fiction!


5. The Pop Star at the End of the Hall

Aria's P.O.V.

I'll admit I was a little disappointed.  Not that I was expecting anything, nor did I want any sort of relationship with Niall, but I thought he wanted to go to town with me on a date or something.  He only wanted to go get my guitar fixed because his friend broke a string.  Niall seemed nice and it would be nice to go out with another guy to get the taste of Paul out of my mouth.  But, it's ok.  Why would a famous guy be interested in such a simple looking girl like me anyway.

We got to the guitar shop and a walk into the store that should have taken all of ten seconds, took 13 minutes because Niall had to keep stopping to take pictures with fans.  I didn't mind though.  It was actually kind of interesting to see the way the other half lives.  I even saw girls crying over him.  That was really interesting.  When we finally got into the shop the guy at the desk recognized Niall immediately. 

"How you doing there pal?" He asked, giving Niall a clap on the back with his large beefy hand.

"Not much Duncan, just need to get my friends guitar string fixed." Niall put the guitar on the counter.

"Wow this is a really nice ax you got here. I think I have an E string that will match, but I'm really backed up.  Can you pick it up in the morning?" Asked Duncan looking like he felt really bad.

"That's no problem!" Niall turned to me, "You'll just stay over at my place and we can pick it up in the morning!"
Niall seemed really excited and he did feel really bad about the string so I agreed.

"Wanna grab dinner? There's a really cool place down the street a ways" he asked gesturing down the street. I agreed and we began walking down the cobblestone street in Dublin center.  It was a really cool area and I was happy to be there with him, but soon enough there was a swarm of teenage girls surrounding him for pictures once again.

When we finally made it to the little cafe and sat down, I realized that I was starving.  Niall ordered a massive sandwich the size of my head and I ordered a salad so he wouldn't think I was gross.  After he finished his sandwich he proceeded to pick the leftover pieces of chicken out of my salad and pop them in his mouth.  I have never seen someone eat so much in my life. We then "split" a chocolate cake for dessert which Niall ate most of.

Now was time for the part of the night that I was most nervous about, going back to the house.

"Let's go love!" He said as he grabbed my hand and pulled me from the car up the stairs and into his house. 

He gave me his free hugs t shirt and big shorts to sleep in and ushered me towards his bed. I was very nervous because I was not sure what Niall was expecting from the evening. I had only been with one person before, in that way, and we were together for four months before we became intimate.

"Ok so if you need anything I'll be asleep on the couch at the end of the hall." Niall said as he left the room.

He wasn't pressuring me to do anything. For some reason I became frustrated by this. Was I good enough to hold hands with but not good enough to spend the night with? My frustration got the better of me and I decided to confront to the pop star at the end of the hall.

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