Hello, Goodbye.

Aria is a college student from Boston who is studying abroad in Ireland for a semester. She just got out of a bad relationship with a boy from home and was planning on focusing on herself and her song writing during her trip. She never expected to ever meet Niall from One Direction, never mind become involved with him in more ways than one.

Please comment and let me know what you think. Keep in mind, this is my first fan fiction!


10. The First Time

Niall's P.O.V.

Aria made me feel so comforable with the fact that I was a virgin, but I was still extremely nervous.  However, I promised myself that I would not let her see that.  I kissed her fiercely, holding her chest (that was now bare) in my palms.  As I pressed my hips into her side I could tell that she knew that I was hard.  She began to slide her hand up and down on me through my sweat pants.  I didn't want to seem to eager, but I was, so I got up with my lips still pressed to hers I took my pants off and removed her bra which had slid down around her stomach.  She knelt down in front of me and closed her lips around me and began moving her head towards me and away.  I began to fear that I was going to cum early so I stopped her.  I sat her back down on the couch and slid her shorts off and pushing her underwear to one side...

Aria's P.O.V.

He slid two fingers into me.  He seemed to have a pretty good idea of what he was doing.  He moved his index and middle finger inside of me faster and faster while rubbing his thumb on my clit.  I reached over and took a comdom from my roommates box of them on the side table.  I'm sure she wouldn't mind and at that moment I didn't really care.  I ripped it open and he slid it onto his 8 inches.  He slowly approached my with his incredibly large boner and slid it into me.  I had never felt something so amazing in my life. Paul who? Slowly but eagerly he trust himself into me.  Through short breathes I suggested that we move to my bed room.  He wrapped my legs around his waist and while still inside me, he hoisted my up and began to carry me down the hall towards my bed room.  As he walked I kissed his neck and I got the sense that he could not make it all the way to the bed room.  He pushed my back up against the wall and with my legs still wrapped around his waist he began to smash his entire legnth into me, becoming harder and faster with each motion.  He moved inside of me with the most perfect thrusting motion I have ever felt and in that moment I forgot about everything else in the world.  There was only me and Niall.  I felt my entire body tense up and felt as though I could not take much more.

"Niall, I wanna cum baby."

He thrust himself into me harder than I ever could imagine and with that my tensed up body uncoiled as we both came.  We both sunk down to the floor and after many kisses Niall muttered, "I love you baby." and we both drifted off to sleep.

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