All My Amazing Fans

All of my Smiley Snails (that's what I call my fans) are uber talented and deserve to be known, so here I will write a little about them, my favourite movella of theirs and links to their pages. Be sure to check these guys out, and if you want me to make a page for you, you know what to do ;)


1. What This Is

In celebration of me having 50 fans, I have decided to tell the world how awesome my Smiley-Snails are! Each of them are unique and talented and all need to be noticed! It's going to take me a while to do everyone so if you haven't been done yet then don't panic!

All these authors want likes, favourites and fans and they all deserve them. Check out any that catch your eye and relish in their talent!

Now, for all you that want to get your books noticed you could fan me and I'll do a page on you too! But if there is one particular book that you want famous, then put the tag 'smileysnails' on it and I will likely check it out! Also, if you can't be bothered to look through this whole book or you have lost it on your favourites list then all you need to do is search up that tag and you can find many amazing stories!

See you guys,

Erin xxx

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