All My Amazing Fans

All of my Smiley Snails (that's what I call my fans) are uber talented and deserve to be known, so here I will write a little about them, my favourite movella of theirs and links to their pages. Be sure to check these guys out, and if you want me to make a page for you, you know what to do ;)


5. Fan Number 4: secret inspiration

My fourth fan is secret inspiration, a creative author who, correct to today (10/05/2013) has only 3 fans despite her writing talent. Her most viewed book has 2377 views, and is called Crimson Lipstick, a story about a girl with a harsh life and getting through it with her boyfriend, Kyle. And all the while, she always wear once piece of trademark make up: crimson lipstick.

She also has a talent for poetry, and enjoy her poem 'a little poem' which isn't very long or detailed, but is still cleverly written. It is a little bit of inspiration (like her name! ;D) to make your day, and I really recommend you read it on a grey day.

Again, she is an author who I don't think comes on here any more  so if you feel like I do comment on her work and send her as many emails as you can, maybe that will make her come back! 

I am me. Simple. Like it or not, it's the truth. Oh and yes, hi

From secret inspiration's blog.



Main Page:

Crimson Lipstick:

a little poem:

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