All My Amazing Fans

All of my Smiley Snails (that's what I call my fans) are uber talented and deserve to be known, so here I will write a little about them, my favourite movella of theirs and links to their pages. Be sure to check these guys out, and if you want me to make a page for you, you know what to do ;)


4. Fan Number 3: Katie_jayne_101

Katie_jayne_101 is another one of my friends in real life who I recommended the site to. Katie is one of those people who has great ideas, but sometimes doesn't ever get them down entirely on paper. What she does write, however, is fantastic and incredibly unique!

Katie has a total of 4 movellas, 2 of which are co-authored with Ritten-Rebel12 and one of them with me too, and correct to today (09/05/2013) she has 8 fans. Her most read movella without a co-author is called 'Lilly's Life', which is about a pre-teen runaway that was experimented on in an illegal clinic in early life. After her younger sister, Tiggan, doesn't come out as early as Lilly did, Lilly runs away and rescues Tiggin from the clinic and ends up homeless, doing whatever she can for money.

Her other movella is a poem book, so far containing two poems that are beautifully written. 'Man Killed the Earth' is the first, about how fantastic life was before man destroyed it for our own selfish needs. The other, 'Magic', is about what the title suggests; the brilliance and wonder of the magical world.

Unfortunately, Katie doesn't use her movellas profile any more. I am actually the only reason she hasn't deleted her profile! If enough of you comment on her work, then maybe we can convince her to come back..?

My twos bestest friends in the world are on here; Ritten-rebbel and Erin-the-strange! 
I love to write!<<3

From Katie's Blog.



Main Page:

Lilly's Life:

Man killed the earth and other poems:


PS: Hey guys, you don't have to be a fan of me to put the tag smileysnails on your work. If you want it read by me and anyone else, just put that tag! The only one on there right now is mirotta's 'Mindtrap', and I recommend you go check that out! In future, if you want to read something random, just search up that tag and you'll probably find some great work!

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