All My Amazing Fans

All of my Smiley Snails (that's what I call my fans) are uber talented and deserve to be known, so here I will write a little about them, my favourite movella of theirs and links to their pages. Be sure to check these guys out, and if you want me to make a page for you, you know what to do ;)


3. Fan Number 2: Diego <3

My second fan is a really well known movellian. Even then, when she fanned me I jumped up in the air and ran around my house cheering! I was so happy that she liked me, as she was one of the few big authors of the time. Back then she was known as kndlia, but now she is named after her pet (cat, I believe?)

Lia is an author who has ideas flowing out of her head like a volcanic eruption. Correct to today (08/05/2013) she has a whopping 295 books! She also has 389 fans that she doesn't believe she deserves, and all her cookies believe otherwise! (Including me, she's fantastic!) Only including books without co-authors, her most popular book is 'Isle of Bird', written for one of the picture prompt comps last June. It's about seagulls getting really angry and kidnapping people... there's much more to it than that though.

My favourite of hers is 'Possession', about a china doll. *shudders* It is not complete unfortunately, but the story is meant to be about a woman whose body is taken over by her doll and it uses her body to murder... incredibly creepy, but brilliant! I wish Lia would carry on with the book, *hint hint*.

I have a big ambition that I sometimes judge to be too big. :P I am an observer, a thinker. I think logically, but I'm not very logical if you understand me? It's like thinking lots about the question without ever finding out the answer.

From Lia's blog.



Main Page:

Isle of Bird:




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