All My Amazing Fans

All of my Smiley Snails (that's what I call my fans) are uber talented and deserve to be known, so here I will write a little about them, my favourite movella of theirs and links to their pages. Be sure to check these guys out, and if you want me to make a page for you, you know what to do ;)


2. Fan Number 1: Ritten-Rebel12

Ritten-Rebel12 is my first ever fan (not Choochhhu! I feel left out D':), which makes sense because she is one of my friends in real life! I introduced her to the site and BOOM she fanned me, something no-one had EVER DONE BEFORE!!!

Anyway, this is about her, not me! She is incredibly talented and has worked with me on Sorry Mum I'm a Lesbian. She was actually the one responsible for it, she came up with the idea! Correct to this day (07/05/2013) she has 17 fans and 7 movellas. Not including books she has written with others, her most viewed movella is 'hello, I am Martha', a tale of a girl who's mute and how she makes friends with the new boy at school.

My personal favourite story of hers is called 'My sister and me.'. It is about a girl practically living in a hospital, because her sister has cancer and her twin siblings were born prematurely. The story is beautifully written and the poem in chapter 6 is astonishing! The only thing I'd have to say against it is that I think that it is rushed and could have lasted longer.

Unfortunately, Ritten doesn't come on movellas any more, so if you are like me and love her work let's try and change that! Comment on her work if you like it to send her loads of emails and hopefully it'll convince her to come back on again!

Hiya!!! I am a energetic, book (& animal!) loving, person. I have Brown hair, Hazel eyes and freckles in the sun!!! So, ordinary in apperance but, not in imagination!!! My head is always buzzing with idea's and more often than not, in class I am never listening, just putting myself into books, imagining sureal and new places! So when the teacher asks;
"Whats the answer?"
My reply is usually:
"You wrote the question!"

 From Ritten's blog.



Main Page:

hello, I am Martha:

My sister and me.:

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