Truth and dare

Just a normal truth and dare game, with a dare that will change Alex's life forever.
In the small town of Hendersonville, there is one old castle that stands out with a mystery. Many people are seen entering easily, but none are seen coming out, and one particular dare sends normal teenager, Alex, investigating it.
He finds things no human will ever encounter in their life, and sees things no human will ever imagine of seeing.
It turns out the old castle isn't just a pile of old bricks, it holds a dark and mysterious secret that is hidden from the outside world.

Truth and dare will never be the same again...not after this.

Written in the !st person in the past.


9. The Afterlife

I opened my eyes, and looked around me.

There was clear blue sky everywhere that I could see, all around me, surrounding me completely.

Birdsongs floated in the air in front of my eyes, dancing in the wind.

All of a sudden, someone behind me wraps their arms around me, taking me completely by surprise, squeezing all of the air out of my lungs, making me gasp loudly.

"Alex! Finally, dude! You're here! I was starting to get lonely!" Max's voice came from behind me.

I gasped and then turned around when the arms released me from their hold.

I turned around to see Max, wearing the same clothes as I remembered, and it was as if nothing had changed. We're the same old people; the same Max and the same Alex, but just...different.

"You're here too? Did you see the weird voice guy before?" I question him. I felt so confused.

"Yeah, man, long story. Anyways, what do you want to do? Talk about?" Max asked, walking me to a different direction with his left arm draped around my neck, to the right of me, like always.

"First, I need some answers." I say, stopping, and turning around to face him.

"Ask away." Max shrugs, as if there was not much to this strange, strange event.

"Where are we?" I ask, staring at him, and he looks back at me as if the answer is blindingly obvious.

"You know what? All I need to say is that I'm sorry for pushing that dare onto you, and the rest, well, you'll figure it out on the way." Max shrugged again.

He looks away, and walks in the direction we were walking before, but I call out to him again.

"You never answered my question! Where are we?" I called, running to chase up to him.

I stop when I am a few feet away from him, and he stops too. Turning around, and holding his arms out either side of his body, as if he is welcoming me, he says:

" the afterlife, Alex."

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