Truth and dare

Just a normal truth and dare game, with a dare that will change Alex's life forever.
In the small town of Hendersonville, there is one old castle that stands out with a mystery. Many people are seen entering easily, but none are seen coming out, and one particular dare sends normal teenager, Alex, investigating it.
He finds things no human will ever encounter in their life, and sees things no human will ever imagine of seeing.
It turns out the old castle isn't just a pile of old bricks, it holds a dark and mysterious secret that is hidden from the outside world.

Truth and dare will never be the same again...not after this.

Written in the !st person in the past.


2. Distractions

Max, Sam and I were walking to Nick's house.

It was a grey Sunday afternoon, in Autumn, a day when there was nothing to do.

Nothing to do but play Truth and Dare.

As we walked, we decided to pick questions and dares to throw onto Nick after we arrived. We were still discussing the idea when we reached the black gates outside the 'haunted' (we believed) old castle on the way to Nick's house.

The castle was just a pile a old bricks, laid scruffily onto one another, forming what looked like demented layers of stacked up bricks. The bricks were a variety of different colours, ranging from bright red to dark red to brownish - black.

Built on top of about 20 layers of bricks, there was an old, dodgy looking chimney, blowing out clouds of polluted black smoke into the air. The chimney was in such an awkward position, that it seemed like whichever angle it is seen, it never looked comfortable.

Clouds of black smoke billowed out, and ash and soot fell from them, and dropped unceremoniously onto the cement-paved grounds outside of the castle.

The greenery outside didn't look much better than the castle, in fact, it looked just as terrible.

The oak trees that were still somehow standing, were bent and crooked, with the branches wedged and squeezed through the railings of the gate. All of the leaves that were probably once on the trees had fallen-either because of age or wind-into a big pile on the ground surrounding the trees.

Every time I looked at the trees, it was as if the hollows and circles of the trunks were eyes, staring emptily and hollowly at me. The lifeless and burnt out eyes sent shivers down my spine, and I shivered and gulped loudly.

"Hey, man, you scared of that stuff?" Max asked me.

"C'mon, dude, you're seriously saying that the amount of people that have disappeared when going into that place is just a coincidence or just 'weird'?" I asked him, serious, putting air quotations around the last word.

"Yeah, I guess that's a little creepy." Sam jumped into the conversation, looking over at me.

"Come one, let's get out of here." I said, pulling both Sam and Max away from the railings by their coats, yanking them away.

"Guys! Let's just concentrate on getting to Nick's house, alright?" I asked them as I tried to shake off the creepy feeling.

"I guess. Come on then. " Max says, as we walked away from the castle.

"And no more distractions!" Sam decided, stomping his feet as he said each one of the words.

"Agreed!" Max and I both said at the same time, whilst Sam laughed, and the matter was forgotten between us.

For now.

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